Performance Analysis: inFamous First Light

DF :

"When inFamous Second Son was released earlier this year, the game's developer, Sucker Punch, delivered a strong technical showing that clearly demonstrated the advantages of the latest Sony console. Unfortunately performance wasn't quite where we would have liked with an unlocked frame-rate coupled with inconsistent performance and occasional dips below 30fps. With inFamous First Light, the standalone downloadable episode, Sucker Punch has been given another shot to further refine its already impressive tech. The question, then, is to what extent the developer has decided to tackle performance - if at all."

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90Supra1417d ago

So it runs better and, from what I can see, looks slighty better than 2nd Son...


GarrusVakarian1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

Yeah, I saw a few people over at GAF say that they think it looks and runs better than the main game before this analysis. Nice to know it's true.

Good job, SP. A 1080p open world game that looks as good as it does, running like it does, bodes well for future SP titles. Especially if they decide to lock future games at 30fps and use the extra power for more eye candy.

And I gotta say, I disagree with DF about locking the framerate to 30fps. I thought SS felt much more responsive and smoother to play with the unlocked framerate. Same with Killzone SF. The locked 30fps options for both of those games felt really stuttery and sluggish. I know neither of those titles held 60fps, and in Infamous' case it was nowhere near 60fps....but it just felt nicer to play with the unlocked framerate, imo.

starchild1416d ago

Yeah, I definitely noticed that the framerate was more solid in First Light than in Second Son. With it unlocked I could tell it was averaging higher, and with it capped I didn't see the kinds of dips under 30fps that I did in Second Son.

I don't completely agree with you about unlocking the framerate. I always feel that framerate consistency is more important than having a higher average framerate that fluctuates all around. For this reason I usually play Second Son and First Light with the framerate capped at 30fps.

That said, I do think that Infamous SS and FL feel a lot better with an uncapped framerate than many games do. It doesn't bother me TOO bad, but I still prefer the consistency in controller response and the onscreen movement that a solid 30fps offers. Killzone Shadow Fall, though, felt WAY better to play at 30fps than with a variable framerate. I can't stand the judder in that game with the framerate unlocked.

TheWackyMan1417d ago

They look identical other than some slightly different weather effects going on.

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