15 Reasons Why PS4 Exclusive Until Dawn Has The Potential To Be The Horror Game of the Generation

Horror games in the recent past have seen an almost relentless recycling of the same concepts over and over again which has resulted in gamers all around turning a sore eye to even new launches.

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Big_Game_Hunters1422d ago (Edited 1422d ago )

Wait seriously? Did you not play the P.T demo?
Also the list is 15 pages. Don't waste time here

gameseveryday1422d ago

You mean to say two good horror games cannot co-exist. Okay.

Zenith4k1422d ago

Just like your journalism can't exist, making truths out of fabrications

Enemy1422d ago

You've played both then, Big_Game_Hunters? You realize P.T. wasn't even a game, first of all? And that it's not representative of Silent Hills, as they've hinted it won't play like that?

Not sure what you're on about, honestly.

jujubee881422d ago


No no no. You're doing it all wrong! We OBVIOUSLY all need to beat each other senseless in arguments over which is scarier.

Do you not know nothing about the interwebz?!?!?!!?1

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Zenith4k1422d ago

Came on here to say the same thing played 30 mins of it and gave in I'm weak I know!!

bez871422d ago

P.T is just that a demo, it has no impact on what game they are making and actually no game has actually been announced official, the title says potential it says nothing about it being the best, but the article has a point, this is the first time a horror game has had this sort of setup most horror games are linear, this is a new step, it could possibly be the step to where horror games should go, you can't put P.T against a game which has already been announced, when P.T is a puzzle game with scares an impossible puzzle game at that, which was designed for that purpose, cannot wait for WHAT Silent Hills offers but in terms of what we know (because we know nothing of Silent Hills which could be just another linear horror game) then Until Dawn for me is a step in the right direction for the horror genre.

just remember the title never suggests the writer believes it is the next best thing, just that it has potential.

700p1422d ago

The title should be "15 reasons why hyping games is bad"

Aquariusgamer1422d ago

Oh its one of THOSE articles where they cant just put the fukn list on one page, they instead want 15 clicks a person. Thanks for the heads up, will avoid the article now.

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1422d ago
PaleMoonDeath1422d ago

Not having any characters that I care about instantly make it one of the lowest horror games for me, if I don't care about what happens to my character/characters, why should the horrors ahead worry me?

P.T was interesting, seeing as I didn't see Normans face until the end, I was a voiceless, faceless person, that was me strangely enough, clever trick indeed.

SoapShoes1422d ago

Um.... You haven't played it so how can you say you don't care about them?

PaleMoonDeath1422d ago

Mate, look at the gameplay video, teenage horror stereotypes, the kind I can't wait to watch get killed in typical horror films.

I don't need to play this to know where it's going, not all that excited for it at all, but I do look forward to killing these people in horrible ways, love myself a good gore fest.

WeAreLegion1422d ago

It'll be a fun game, but please don't oversell it. This is going to be an interactive B horror movie with branching storylines. While that may sound incredible to people like me, who love these types of games, it won't be the best horror game of the generation. I guarantee it.

FastRedPonyCar1422d ago

15 pages for 15 reasons and a sensationlist title? LOL Nothing worth seeing here folks.

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