First day sales in Japan (6/12): Metal Gear Solid 4 Edition

Courtesy of y-koron at Vgchartz:

First Day Sales : The numbers in () shows the shipments info.

* METAL GEAR SOLID 4: GUNS OF THE PATRIOTS (PS3) : about 300k (except for bundled edition)

(The number of first shipment is around 600k (includes bundled edition))

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highdro3840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )

good sales,.....i would like to see world wide sales and the offical sales, vgc is suspect now adays when it comes to figures,..never the less im sure mgs4 will sell well in its first week plus ps3 sales will go up.

baum3840d ago

Bundles didn't count there

Bazookajoe_833839d ago

Ah, stupid me, 300.000 bundles have been shipped. There´s no confirmation they been sold. I would like to know world sale of this masterpiece =)

Panthers3839d ago

Well you dont know that 300K bundles have been shipped. It just said that 600K games have been shipped including bundles. 300K games were sold not including bundles. You are assuming that it sold out day one.

TOSgamer3839d ago

300k were sold excluding bundles. No data on bundles sales available yet.

flexbox3603839d ago

i would care about sales if i was making some money off it. im not, so i dont care about numbers.


Premonition3839d ago

I predict out of the 600k shipped around 450-550k were sold first week

Panthers3839d ago

Either way it is over 1mil world wide like Konami said.

Sorrow8803839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

600,000 shipped including the bundles? So, if 300,000 were sold first day while NOT including the bundles (maybe 340,000 with bundles?), it's safe to assume, MGS4 will be CLOSE, at the very least, to selling 500,000-600,000 copies of MGS4 first week in Japan...which is a ludicrous 25% attach rate the FIRST WEEK. Call me impressed.

Lol, makes you wonder what Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy vs XIII will do.

tatotiburon3839d ago

well GTAIV and Halo 3 still on and learn sony how the good marketing is important, you could sell millions in day one with MGS4 not only 400k or 600k.

Sorrow8803839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

As far as I know, MGS4 has outsold Halo 3 in Japan in just one day. (And GTAIV won't have those results when it's released either:)

This article is talking about Japan...not the world. Those MGS4 first day sales figures are a HECK of a lot more impressive than either of the games you named have done or will do IN JAPAN.

And by the way, I've seen MGS4 advertised during the NBA finals a few different times.

Pornlord3839d ago

No one is disputing that you can crap in a box, and spend 1 million dollars putting a dress on it and putting it on TV. And people will buy it. The average consumer is an idiot, I'll agree with you there. But I am starting to see some MGS4 commericials, you just have to remember that, unlike halo, this game is 21 years old, it really doesn't need much advertisement. Haze needed it, it was a new title, GTAIV did not really need it, but that goes back to my "Crap in a box" theory. If you make a bad game, then yeah, market away, because you have to catch people before word of how good the game is get's out.

Zeevious3839d ago

...let's not bring Vista into this!

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The story is too old to be commented.