8 Video Games That Didn't Sell As Well As Expected

Escapist: "Today we give you eight games that everyone thought would sell millions of copies. Unfortunately for them, they did not, they actually did quite poorly. Some didn't sell so well because they were bad games, and some were games that were ahead of their time."

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MCTJim1425d ago

Duke Nukem forever just sucked period. Glad I bought it used so I could return it and get my money back. What a piece of complete crap!!

Darkwatchman1424d ago

I'll never understand the hate for Duke Nukem Forever. I honestly believe it's just because it was in development hell. Let's say it was only announced 2 and a half years prior to its release. It wouldn't have any of the hate it does now. It's not an amazing game, but I thought it was decent. I enjoyed my playthrough of it and some of the bits like the glory hole were nice moments of the good old childish Duke Nukem humor.

Enemy1425d ago

I'm pretty sure EA "expected" TitanFall to break records and it didn' all. Add that to the list.

superchiller1425d ago

Yep, and being an online-only game with no SP content really killed it for a lot of people. I prefer SP games and wouldn't touch Titanfall even if it were given out for free.

DallasTrout1425d ago (Edited 1425d ago )

I like how it's widely accepted that Tim Schafer is a genius game designer and writer and yet nobody buys his games.

I'm was happy to see Psychonauts sold well when it was released on Steam.

uth111425d ago

The Monkey Island series was huge! His games were the sh*t on the PC back in the 90s.

Grim Fandango sales were disappointing because you needed 3D hardware which not everybody had at the time, and by that time LucasArts was more interested in pushing nothing but Star Wars games and they were barely putting effort into the adventure games anymore.

DallasTrout1425d ago

He's definitely had some unlucky breaks from publishers.

EL Lanf1425d ago

Notable omission of every Square-enix game from the past 3 years which despite actually reaching those millions of sales, still obviously heavily underperformed.

Nerdmaster1424d ago

Did anybody really think Duke Nukem Forever would sell well? It always felt that they released it with the thought of "let's get this over with once and for all so we can move on".

It baffles me more when I see it in "disappointing games". Because for something to disappoint someone, that someone would have to expect something from said thing.