The glass half-full approach to Dragon Age: Inquisition microtransactions

GameZone's Samantha Bishop: "It’s easy to get up in arms over the concept of paying additional money after already dropping $60 (Or $170 for the Inquisitor’s Edition), but we also have to find a way to resolve ourselves to the fact that this practice isn’t going anywhere. It’s too much of a cash cow for everyone involved and in this particular case, I don’t feel taken advantage of."

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Riggans421363d ago

I've bought plenty of games that have microtransactions in them. I just ignore them and never spend the money. No need to. I'm in no rush to unlock the things they're offering.

-Foxtrot1363d ago

Well the moment they can be ignored but if this shit keeps up and we let it slide then they'll get worse untill you can't ignore them anymore.

People did the same with DLC......"Ahhh it's fine what's the worse that can happen"

dcj05241363d ago

What's wrong with DLC? Like the game? Support the devs more by buying DLC.

Ashlen1363d ago

/rolls eyes

Honest Question: Did you get money or free copies of the game or other forms of payment for writing this?

This attitude is the reason why these obnoxious things keep getting added to games.

brbobcat1363d ago

Well she's a girl. So she's probably used to micro transactions from all those mobile games she plays /s

Riggans421363d ago

Well, seeing as how the game isn't out yet, I doubt she got a free copy already. And why is this automatically the first place we go to, payment, when an article is written. Oh, that's right, because games media does that...

Ashlen1363d ago (Edited 1363d ago )

You can get beta copies or pre-release keys for retail. Also it's not like they can't mail a disk or a key when the game is released.

FullmetalRoyale1363d ago (Edited 1363d ago )

Try reading the article.

OT: I like the writing style of the author. It's entertaining how it sporadically gets weird. It's a shame that people question the integrity of a stranger. "This attitude is the reason why.." <you

"Now here’s the thing: while the mere mention of microtransactions is enough to send people in to fits of flipping tables and general pouting, it’s a concept that’s here to stay. We need to just wipe our butts and get used to it. Also, in this case it’s entirely voluntary and only comes into play with multiplayer. Then there’s BioWare’s heartfelt pledge that this isn’t going to create a pay wall, which, yeah, okay, fine, take that with a grain of salt." <author

Does that really seem like what someone who was paid off would say? Especially the "..take that with a grain of salt."

I'm sure EA paid BIG time for that!

Read the article.

lifesanrpg1363d ago (Edited 1363d ago )

This guy gets it! Bubble up!

TheTowelBoy1363d ago

By the way the transactions are unlocks. The DLC's for the multi are indeed free, and for everyone.

ThePope1363d ago (Edited 1363d ago )

I know this is an unpopular opinion but. This game took at least 3 years to make, is over 100 hours of experience and only costs $60. If you guys want MT to go away companies are going to need to charge more for games, plain and simple. Game prices have not kept up with inflation or with the rising costs of development.

I've said it before and I'll say it again gamers are a cheap selfish group who think they should get everything for free. I live in the Midwest and a movie ticket is $18....for 2 hours. We need to stop being so up in arms everytime a company try's to make money, because that's what they have to do! If it hurts the games experience people won't buy it and it's a lose lose for the company.

I'm not saying every game needs to be $80 but a game like dragon age, they should be able to charge $80 as the value proposition is there.


What way? Without raising the price of the game MT are the solution. Could developers cut costs, sure but that's not the issue. The issue is that game prices have been the same since 2006. Nothing costs what it did in 2006, think about that. And quit acting like what ever it takes to cut costs as long as it doesn't affect your wallet. Did I say selfish. Oh yeah I did.

And wants a 100 hour DA experience? ME.

lifesanrpg1363d ago

Publishers/developers need to find a way to make money without nickel and diming though. The cost of games could drastically go down if it weren't for inflated marketing budgets, ridiculously sized dev teams, and maybe smaller scopes (who's decision is it to offer 100 hours of gameplay?) If you know you are going to charge $60, maybe you shouldn't offer 100+ hours

FullmetalRoyale1363d ago

I do not disagree with what you said. As a matter of fact I gave you an agree. However, specifically with Dragon Age, they have a digital deluxe edition for seventy dollars, which is the version I have preordered. Quite a few titles actually have seventy-eighty dollar versions of them. Call of Duty is another one that I can remember by name.

You are spot on that, technically speaking, video games are in fact cheaper than they've ever been. Everything else is more expensive, from popcorn at the movies, to rent, it's all been gradually inflated. Not games though.

The answer, as you obviously already know, has been to keep the price same, but add micro-transactions and these "added content" versions.

Considering every time our hardware improves, the cost of making a game increases(hence middle tier companies such as THQ being shut down), we have three options:

Option A:
Games stay the regular sixty dollars. Games continue to visually look better and better. Companies, to keep up with the rising costs, add micro-transactions, and deluxe editions.

Option 2:
Because of the rising cost of games, the publishers increase the base price of all games.

Option D:
Since they haven't increased the price of games, and people won't allow micro-transactions, publishers stop improving games. They cut corners, and stop improving graphics in games. But hey, you don't have to pay more than sixty dollars!

P.s. The Option A, 2, and D were done purposely. ;)

FastRedPonyCar1363d ago

Doesn't affect single player campaign = fine with me. I'm not going to bother with MP anyways.

tablecloth1363d ago

I don't mind micro transactions unless it becomes Pay 2 Win. If someone is stupid or just inpatient enough to buy their way up, it's their money.

Roccetarius1363d ago

Even if it's their money, it still affects you. MT's in retail games shouldn't be fine to do.

tablecloth1363d ago

You are right, it shouldn't but you can't stop it.
As long as it doesn't become unfair, I can live with it.

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