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Beyond Two Souls Released on PS4 with Bonuses

SegmentNext - "The popular PS3 title Beyond Two Souls is going to join The Last of Us and Journey on PlayStation 4." (Beyond: Two Souls, PS4)

Credit url: segmentnext.com
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Lukas_Japonicus  +   371d ago
Good news for people who missed out on the PS3 version, but personally, I won't be buying this one. I played it once, and that was enough. Same with Heavy Rain.

Edit: Oh, another rumour. Wtf? Unless it comes from the devs/pubs mouth, then it ain't so. Article needs to be changed to rumour.
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CarterMonsta  +   371d ago
Just loaned it from the library today for the ps3 but i will get it on ps4 ASAP!!
Hellsvacancy  +   371d ago
I enjoyed and hated it, I liked the story (although I guessed the twist really early on) it had awful controls though, really unresponsive at times, I liked all previous QD games

Not sure i'd want to play Beyond again, unless the controls are tweaked, maybe use the touchpad instead
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rodiabloalmeida  +   370d ago
So sick of waiting for this generation to really launch...too many rehashes and delays, not enough new games.
20bravens   370d ago | Trolling | show
thorstein  +   370d ago
Yeah. There were too many games for my PS3 that I wanted that I had to give this a pass. Now, I will be getting it.
Orpheo  +   370d ago
Loaned it from the library? The library loans video games?! Since when?! Is it free?
mikeslemonade  +   370d ago
Lame! Certain games like TLoU and Metro require a remaster but not this game.
The story is what made me finish it. It is a fantastic story. The gameplay (if you can call it that) was mediocre though.
UltraNova  +   370d ago
OK I was never sold on this so If they remaster both Heavy rain and this, include them both on one disc for $30-40 max I will be getting it.
spacedelete  +   371d ago
this has got to be the most pointless remaster yet. for anyone interested i'd recommend just watching the entire game on YouTube as theres barely any gameplay in it or replay value.
Lukas_Japonicus  +   371d ago | Well said
Speak for yourself, please. It won't be pointless for the people who buy it and enjoy it.

This doesn't negatively affect you in any way. So why the negativity towards it?
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Ju  +   371d ago
I borrowed the PS3 version which looks phenomenal. I am curious to see what they could make out of this on the PS4 - and I'd like to try some alternate decisions. Sure, before you say they have no impact, they do even if just so subtle. Only thing is...the price for those games should be $40 max.
OculusRift  +   371d ago
Oops, gave you an agree instead of disagree. Darn phone
sparta76  +   371d ago
Yeah that's what a lot of people on here said about Last Of Us and look how well it sold ( over one million first day or few days, not to sure ). The point is there are a lot of ps4 owner who never had a ps4. Beyond was a good game, I myself won't get already played it. But a lot of people haven't.
Kribwalker  +   371d ago
^^^ 632k in first week. InsiderP is known to be a terrible source of news where they said 1.5million in first day

Magicite  +   371d ago
I actually liked this game more than Heavy Rain and theres plenty of gameplay, if u havent played, then stop misleading people.
afterMoth  +   371d ago
This and Heavy Rain barely qualify as games. What game play they do have is horrible. It can't be hard to have nice graphics when you don't have to put much into the game play engine.
Snookies12  +   370d ago
@afterMoth - W-What? The way a game plays doesn't have any effect on performance. Quantic Dream games have always been more like interactive movies than games. If you buy a QD game looking for awesome gameplay, you've obviously not done much research on them or the way they make games.
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afterMoth  +   370d ago
Are you kidding me? Having game play eats into system resources. Simple game play (like Pong) takes far less processing power than complex game play mechanics (wide range of hit reaction mechanics, physics, levels of destruction, etc). Spending less resources on game play leads to be able to do more in other areas, such as graphics.
Ju  +   370d ago
Ah well...looks like it needs a special person to appreciate that game...like ...ugh...grown ups...
Rimeskeem  +   370d ago
23 different ending or something like that and this had no replay value?

I don't understand your logic at all
nicksetzer1  +   371d ago
Not a rumor because Gameblog is a major game news site. Same as if IGN posted something as factual. This site is claiming it IS happening, not that "we heard so." However, if they are wrong they will come out of it with a lot less reliability.
Lukas_Japonicus  +   371d ago
It's a rumour until it's officially announced by Sony or QD, or reported by someone with quotes of the official announcement. I'm not doubting that the remaster is real, I'm just saying that this, as of now, is a rumour. If it was IGN "claiming" this, that would also be a rumour. Claiming things is not the same as confirming things.

Accidentally hit agree instead of disagree, btw.
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Kayant  +   371d ago
"Same as if IGN posted something as factual" - Like when they did with TLG claiming multiple sources then it becoming one source. It's still a rumor. Like
Lukas said until actual official wording from Sony or QD it is a rumor whether leaked or not.
nicksetzer1  +   371d ago
@kayant that's strange, because most "news" on here is exactly the same. A game news site reports a story based on what a dev/publisher/platform holder says. Now though, just because you are unfamiliar with the site you claim ALL new has to come directly from sony/MS/nintendo? I'll keep that in mind.

Next time a site claims the creator of said content told them something, I'll make sure to remind you to report it as a rumor until it comes straight from said source, right?
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spacedelete  +   371d ago
first of all i'm not against remasters if its a game that deserves it like The last of us which i can see your a fan of as well judging from your pic. but Beyond two souls was very average game with zero replay value. i YouTubed the entire game when it released and i'm glad i did.
Lukas_Japonicus  +   371d ago
The part you're not understanding is that your opinion does not = fact. YOU think this game isn't good enough to be remastered, that doesn't mean everyone else sees it that way. You don't get to say if it "deserves" a remaster or not, lol.

Opinions and preferences, man.
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nX  +   371d ago
Well if it's so good that you Youtubed the entire game I guess it's worth getting the remaster for someone like me who hasn't seen or played this game yet at all :)
trouble_bubble  +   371d ago
Some people like to actually -play- games though, not just youtube 'em. Crazy I know
warczar  +   370d ago

If you want to talk about facts then you should point out the fact that beyond its an average game at best (70 metacritic score) and really doesn't deserve a remaster or even a rehash. It's not TLOU or diablo, in fact it would easily be the worst game to get a crossgen release. If it is now ok to bring painfully average games cross gen then gaming is dead.
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VforVideogames   371d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
Blaze929  +   371d ago
They should do Heavy Rain instead. BEYOND was pretty terrible all around for a QD title.
Christopher  +   371d ago
I see no point in doing an HD+ remake of a game that did not reach a very wide target audience to begin with. Sounds like a waste of money that could be put towards games that the general market has more of an interest in.
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TricksterArrow  +   371d ago
Beyond sold more than a million. It's a hit.
Christopher  +   371d ago
It's a hit?

It was outsold in 2013 by games that released in 2012. And I don't mean CoD, but games like Borderlands 2 and Dishonored.

It was the 78th best selling game of 2013. It has a 70 metacritic.

It wasn't a hit. It was a game that failed to sell as much as The Last of Us, Killzone Shadowfall, Aliens: Colonial Marines.

I mean, if we say selling 1 million is a 'hit' then what does it say when Aliens: Colonial Marines was 26th best selling game of 2013 and Beyond Two Souls was 78th?
G20WLY  +   370d ago
When you factor in how late in the generation this released, it could make sense.

Certainly, some people have a gaming budget each month (a little TOO organised for my taste!) and so games were missed while they saved for the new console.

I pretty sure they won't hit TLOU:R numbers, but I feel confident they'll profit from the decision, just as the gamers that gambled on the likelihood of a PS4 remake will.
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TricksterArrow  +   370d ago
I'm not particularly sure if you undestand how big of a number 1 million copies sold is. Specially on a single console. It is and will always be a big number in any media. Can it be a number under expectations? Sure. Is it low? No.

Yes, Colonial Marines was a sales hit. The game was not a critical success though. Not sure why you are mixing sales with critical acclaim or overall quality of a game. A game does not have to be great to sell a lot or vice versa.

Plus, why compare a game with a very niche target audience with bigger action oriented titles is beyond (pun) me. You'd have a case if you compared it to other adventures such as Heavy Rain, Farenheit, Omikron, The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us, Jurassic Park, etc, etc.

Oh, and 70 is not a bad score, it's actually way above average (which is 50).
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Christopher  +   370d ago
***I'm not particularly sure if you undestand how big of a number 1 million copies sold is. ***

I'm not sure you understand how small of a number that is to warrant a HD Remake just a year later. Let alone that it got beat out on more than a few exclusive PS4 titles that sold much better and rated just as well if not better.

Talking about the niche-ness of it as far as comparisons is only supporting my point here. You do remakes of games that appeal to a wide audience who are likely to be similarly represented on both generation hardware. But, no, a niche title released at a time when exclusive titles were limited and the number of people who owned the hardware were at a number greater than any previous year.

To note: I also said that it was a waste of money to do a remaster of TLoU as well. I'd rather that money go towards new titles. And, more people are playing games on last gen consoles than current gen games still.
trouble_bubble  +   370d ago
According to vgchartz, Beyond sold more on the ps3 than aliens colonial marines sold on the ps3, and more than aliens colonial marines sold on the 360.

Multiplats aren't the best sales barometers next to exclusives. Games available on more platforms kinda should sell more. Aliens didn't though.
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Syntax-Error  +   370d ago
TROUBLE BUBBLE- Did you just compare Beyond Two Souls sales numbers to Colonial marines. OMG aren't you desperate!!!! Who does that? That game not only failed in sales, but critics destroyed it. It was so bad that the company sent out an apology, so for comparing any games sales numbers to it is just reaching. That is so pathetic
FAT MAN GO BOOM  +   371d ago
hope it happens I missed out on it and I could go and get it but to be honest I would rather invest in games for the ps4...

So if this does come to the ps4 I would be more inclinde to pull the trigger on it and buy it...
Tapewurm  +   371d ago
I skipped this because the PS4 was coming out.... I will be grabbing it for sure to go right along with The Last of Us Remastered, Tomb Raider Definitive Edition, and (another game I skipped due to PS4->) Grand Theft Auto on PS4 when it comes out.... I didn't skip The Last of Us or Tomb Raider on PS3.... and still bought the PS4 "up-ports"... well worth my time and money 8)... Really Glad I skipped Grand Theft and Beyond Two Souls and will get to experience them on PS4 instead.... now if they would only port South Park: The Stick of Truth and Ni No Kuni to PS4 :)
Nodoze  +   370d ago
Ni No Kuni is one of the most unappreciated games on PS3. It would look amazing on PS4!
ceedubya9  +   370d ago
I actually really enjoyed this game on ps3. I traded in but always planned to come back to it at some point. I'm interested in this ps4 version
starchild  +   370d ago
This is the only PS3 exclusive I didn't get around to playing and I would definitely be interested in getting a PS4 version.
solar  +   370d ago
so remastered PS3 games is what PS4 owners should look forward too?

i want TLG more than anyone, i love SOTC more then anyone, and that is the only reason why i will buy a PS4. Sony needs to stop re-regurgitating IP's for me to buy it sooner then later.
Xer0_SiN  +   370d ago
i bought it to support the developer. i played through it once. its not a play through again like how tlou was, so i wont buy it this go around. i originally thought the title sakd beyond two souls 2 is real LOL.
hkgamer  +   370d ago
its real, but its a rumor... lol

kind of misleading title.
mediate-this  +   370d ago
This game is garbage. And this starting to get worrisome, why is sony remastering all their games? Im agaisnt all remasters from just last year, i feel sony is taking advantage of their system sales and reselling last year games that did not sell well
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Killzoner99  +   370d ago
If you played the game you wouldn't say it was garbage TROLL. I'll gladly buy this game and I already own it on PS3. It's an amazing game that uses A list Hollywood actors in ways never seen in games before. Why are you so threatened by it?
mediate-this  +   369d ago
@above im not threathened at all, despite my harsh sentiment, sony is my fave of the three, i just dont ride any companies ****.

And i own all systems, ps1 to ps4, xb1 to xb1, all nintendo consoles etc, im a gamer, and beyond two souls was garbage. I played it at a friends house, i put it down then.
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cellfluid  +   370d ago
I never played beyond 2 souls the last of us or grand theft auto 5 so its a bonus 4 me when i get time im definitely goin in._.
Loktai  +   370d ago
IF it does happen Id probably pick it up... I Skipped playing it on PS3 and opted to work on the epic backlog...
Syntax-Error  +   370d ago
Dont really enjoy playing a lesbian in a video game. Just like I don't want to see lesbians in straight people roles when it comes to movies. Not my thing.
Sly-Lupin  +   370d ago
Don't try to spin this. Its not good news at all.

For mature gamers its more evidence that Sony is moving in an increasingly anti-consumer direction; for PS3 gamers, its irrelevant; for PS4 gamers, its a port of an older game that wasn't particularly well received instead of something new; for people who loved the game, its just a lazy cashgrab; for people who hated the game, its just a lazy cashgrab.

I am sick to death of seeing gamers here defend last-generation (or same-generation) ports on one side, and celebrate the loss of backwards compatibility on the other. Don't you realize you are actively fighting against your own beat interests?
JoGam  +   371d ago
I never played it. Guess I'll be grabbing it one day.
nicksetzer1  +   371d ago
Don't think that beyond was good enough to justify remaking and using quantic dreams resources on. However, as long as it didn't hinder quantics future projects, then I'm fine with it. Definitely not interested in this personally though.

However, if it is a quantic collection with heavy rain and beyond, then I am game.
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vickers500  +   371d ago
Meh, if they're going to remaster one of their games, at least make it Heavy Rain instead.
Hellsvacancy  +   371d ago
I'm still waiting for HD version of Fahrenheit
solar  +   370d ago
i bought Fahrenheit for PS2 for my PS3 and the damn game was glitched out to where i couldnt finish it. i was in the library. made me go all akfladshfkdlasfklsd
Ju  +   371d ago
Why instead? Make that one, too..
spacedelete  +   371d ago
why not just remaster every single PS3 game and forget about new PS4 games right ? i understand remastering the best games of last gen but Beyond isn't even a good game. in fact its not even a game its just a movie wannabe and not a very good one as well. you want to play average PS3 games play or buy a PS3.
Ju  +   371d ago
Don't like it, don't buy it. It's your choice.
sipale  +   371d ago
This is purely for the people who didn't play it on the ps3. I remember reading an article, in which one of the devs or the writer or director idk said that this is agame that is meant to be played only once and left at that. Leaving a thought of "What if..?"
XxGrim_Reaper05Xx  +   371d ago
This game already looked amazing on ps3 hardware, it looked like a ps4 game.
Hellsvacancy  +   371d ago
Moments of it were REALLY impressive
Miss_Vixen  +   371d ago
It really does look visually impressive on the PS3. The game engine for Beyond, was facilitated from some assets of the PS4's hardware.

Quantic Dream co- CEO Guillaume Fondaumière has said that Beyond:Two Souls uses ideas garnered from PS4 hardware for much of its design.

"By exploring the PlayStation 4, we got new ideas and worked very hard to implement them into Beyond’s engine.”

WitWolfy  +   371d ago
Its called hype dude.
G20WLY  +   370d ago
^Pretty sure 'Miss_Vixen' isn't a dude...smdh

Also, if the definition of hype is 'developers offering gamers insight into how they make a game and gamers interest growing', then sure, all games are hyped - so what? :/
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elda  +   371d ago
That was my thoughts exactly when I played it last year.I was blown away at how gorgeous the graphics were on the PS3 it really looked like a next gen game.
mcarsehat  +   371d ago
Make All Stars again, not this mediocre crap
XxExacutionerxX  +   371d ago
Bring Heavy Rain too, or remake Indigo Prophecy for the Ps4.
cell989  +   371d ago
I'm happy with this, I never got to play the PS3 version, it was released when my eyes were fixed on anything PS4
persona4chie  +   371d ago
So I guess remakes of games that aren't that old will be this generation's epidemic like the dlc of last gen. Ugh this is getting annoying.

This is getting out of control and I think developers are doing this for one because they know much gamers just LOVE great graphics and they know "well they want more games for their new consoles so let's remake" it's an easy way to make more money especially in the case that they don't rebuild the entire game from scratch, it shouldn't that that long to "remake"
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tlougotg  +   371d ago
Meh i loved Heavy Rain but didnt get "Beyong2Souls" so this remaster isnt really calling a me. The demo was ok but didnt draw me in. I agree i love TLOU remaster but this focus on remasters is turning me off. Id get this game though if they sold it for like 30 but def. not getting it for 60 or 50.
funkybudda  +   371d ago
nice, I didnt buy this for the PS3, will gladly buy this for the PS4.
CaptainPunch  +   371d ago
Now only if we got Heavy Rain on the PS4.
aquamala  +   371d ago
what an odd choice to do a remaster for
theshredded  +   371d ago
please be true!
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Afterlife  +   370d ago
I don't want it to be. You might like it but the writing is terrible in Beyond.

The less people play it, the better. Telltale does it better.
Ryan741  +   371d ago
Must be trying to claw back some heavy losses after the original sunk with poor reviews.
My_ReturN  +   371d ago
How about they remaster the gameplay instead of the graphics b/c this game was boring as hell. Yet another HD game that isn't a year old getting a HD upgrade. Absolutely ridiculous
tlougotg  +   371d ago
Yeah i agree, it would be great if remasters didnt just focus on graphical upgrades but gameplay and controls too but that would entail spending more money and changing the game in general so they wont do that.
Ryan741  +   371d ago
Heavy Rain 2 please, loved the first game.
BX81  +   371d ago
Yeah, I would much rather have another heavy rain then this rehash.
metaltales49  +   371d ago
I hope not
CervantesPR  +   371d ago
i didnt buy it on PS3 id like to play it on PS4
KillerPwned  +   371d ago
Well for me awesome I only ever played a demo on PS3 and really loved it. I will get this game then when it releases for PS4.
kantenkopf  +   371d ago
Seriously it isn't worth it. It's the worst "game" of David Cage, even Fahrenheit was better. Read some reviews and you'll know, I had the luck to play it for free, but would never ever waste my money on this "game".
Dlacy13g  +   371d ago
Not a surprise at all. Sony is porting a lot of last gen to next gen with up res versions to make some easy money at a low cost.
#22 (Edited 371d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Skankinruby  +   371d ago
Why? I don't get it. I liked this game and even platinumed it but this game was received with mediocre response at best. Heavy rain would be a mandatory double dip for me though
kantenkopf   371d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
WeAreLegion  +   371d ago
I still don't get why people dislike this game. I thought the story was incredible.
Saito  +   370d ago
It's only for people whose brain have thirst for creativity.
WitWolfy  +   371d ago
Nope not worth it. Trust me PS4 owners who havent played this yet, this game failed to impress on every aspect of the word. No flowing story line, craapy story telling tactic and no real choice to direct the game in the direction as you see fit like David said you would. Rather get it used IMO.
#26 (Edited 371d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(10) | Report | Reply
Paprika  +   371d ago
Don't believe it. They have already stated quantic dream are working on a new title for ps4.
PiperMCFierceson   371d ago | Spam
gamer7804  +   371d ago
i hope this is true, then make heavy rain next, thanks QD! :)
ATi_Elite  +   371d ago
You know what if SOny is gonna Remaster a game and port it to the PS4 then they need to port the one game in their library that was talked about graphically more than any other game in the history of Playstation.........

Killzone 2.

bring KZ2 to the PS4 in all it's glory and surpass the pre-rendered E3 trailer by 5 miles.

Hell I would even buy a PS4 if Sony did that.
LightDiego  +   370d ago
No, please, we really don't need you on PSN, please, stay away.
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