Nintendo Might Have Accidentally Leaked Pokken Characters...

illgrillchill writes:
"On Tuesday, the Pokémon Company officially revealed Pokken Tournament, a new fighting game combining the characters of the Pokémon universe with the development and mechanics of Bandai Namco’s Tekken franchise. The preview clip showcased Lucario and Machamp fighting each other with unique and character-type driven attacks. However, when I first saw this, I knew I saw this battle already, and in fact I did."

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Debaitable1449d ago

That 5 second clip came to mind when I saw the Pokken Tournament announcement. I knew saw something similar before.

illgrillchill1449d ago

Exactly. No way this is a simply coincidence.

krontaar1449d ago

Nah they already said they want the fans to choose the pokemon, any type, even not fully evolved are fair game.

illgrillchill1449d ago

Regardless if that's true or not, it's still hard to believe that this is all a coincidence

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1449d ago

Actually 3/4 adre confirmed. Blaziken was in the teaser trailer with appeared after the Wii U and Gamepad.

illgrillchill1448d ago

Right, so there's Blaziken,Lucario and Machamp. Based on the clip and the probabilities, it's highly likely that Dragonite will be a playable character as well.