Halo Wars will ship "when it's ready"

Videogaming247 writes:

Speaking to Halo Wars Addict, Ensemble Studios' Graham Somers has toted a familiar line about when we can expect to see the RTS.

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TrevorPhillips3756d ago

cant wait till i play this game its gonna be one of the best strategy games :)

veteran4203755d ago

maybe not ONE of the best but still gonna be a whole lot of fun....

finally, something HALO to look forward to ;)

TrevorPhillips3756d ago

if they want a date we will give them a date

AllroundGamer3756d ago

like saying Master Chief will be in the game :)

Caxtus7503755d ago

Actually I dont think Master Cheif will be in the game lol. Spartans but not MC himself.

I could be wrong though.

AngryTypingGuy3756d ago

"When it's ready" -- Good, that's when EVERY game should ship, and not a second before.

aaquib53756d ago

Too bad Master Chief didn't have the same belief.

AngryTypingGuy3755d ago

Every Halo has been great so far. The scores and sales reflect that too. Sorry, you lose. If only the makers of Haze and Lair had the same belief.

Some homo actually disagreed with my first post. You want games to be released BEFORE they're ready? You must be used to playing games like that. "Play Beyond"--LOL.

ELite_Ghost3755d ago

i can do the same thing, 90% of 360 games suck balls...

AngryTypingGuy3755d ago

Sir I'm afraid you're incorrect. Only 30% of 360 games suck balls, but that's pretty damn good considering the number of games that are out. And only a tiny percentage of 360 games billed as AAA are disappointments, unlike other HD consoles out there.

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The story is too old to be commented.