Nintendo’s 3rd party troubles are the fault of Nintendo

CarlosX360 Writes: "With the doom & gloom surrounding Wii U, I take a look into why Nintendo has a hard time attracting 3rd party developers."

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DryBoneKoopa851485d ago

How many of these articles going to pop up rehashing the same s***? We get it, Wii U is not getting Call of duty and Assassins Creed. Their yearly releasibg games. So what if they don't come this year. Their is always next year.

As for other third party games. Its like Wonderfulmonkey keeps saying. Nintendo doesn't need watered down,half a$$ed,sloppy second,No support "games". Until devs want to grow a pair and step up and make an actual fully supported game that also takes full advantage of the system and gamepad I'm content with sticking with Nintendo tittles.

randomass1711484d ago

Yeah I'm getting annoyed at the repetitive nature of these articles. Nintendo has their own share of fault on third party support or lack thereof, but third parties themselves are also to blame. It is the developer's job to make a good game and it is the publisher's job to make each version appealing. Mix it all together with Nintendo not marketing Wii U very much and you have a recipe for disaster for everyone.

iplay1up21484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )

Indie titles are a coming....Oh no ......COD 121 is not coming to Wii U. Oh wait I can play Ghost, COD ........on Wii U...So what if the latest REHASH is not going to be on Wii U.. so freaking what....same stuff over and over.....just a different setting....why not just make COD make your own setting....then the crap would be done because we could build our own setting.

Oh wait then they would not make money...I will just play my own games thanks.

Nothing New here move on.

CarlosX3601484d ago

If you don't want to read them, then don't read them. Simple.

I wanted to take advantage of this wave of controversy and challenge the other(s) on these kind of opinions.

NintendoSonyfan1484d ago

I do like how you pointed out the mistakes of the past rather than just jumping to "Wii U isn't powerful and mature games don't sell on it."

But I have two comments (I posted these on the article but still awaiting apporval).

The first is that developers can't let the past determine the present. A lot of those policies Nintendo had in the early days are gone. The N64 had many M rated games from their studios and from third parties. They weren't limiting what could be made or how many. Now I understand the hard feelings of the NES, SNES days may have carried over to the N64 and even GC, but isn't it time to let it go. Germany housed one of the worst people and was home to the attrocities he commited in WWII, but Germany has changed and we don't still hold that against them. Sure it took time, but now we are allies. If Nintendo has changed and is now more open to the developers and what they want to do, then shouldn't they get over what happened 20 years ago?

Secondly, why did the developers mostly pledge support to the Wii U before it's launch if they were just going to pull it? I get that you need to make money to continue supporting the system, but some multiplats have sold as well or better on Wii U than other systems when they aren't gimped or delayed. I can't believe EA and Ubi were truthful with Nintendo or gamers when they pledged their support but then had nothing in the pipeline beyond the first year of the systems life. Ubi has been better about it, but even they are saying a lot of BS like "Just Dance sells well, but Mature games don't" despite the fact that Zombie U, a new mature IP sold 3 times as much as the well established dance franchise.

Lastly here is a question: Considering the Wii U is the second highest selling console this generation why are devs still announcing games for Xbox One and not Wii U. I understand the Wii U has been out a year longer, but let's say it is still in second at this time next year, do you think devs will finally say "Ok we will start making games for Wii U because it has the second highest install base," or will they still be saying "Wii U does not have enough sales to warrant making games for it, but Xbox One does?"

CarlosX3601484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )

Since you were nice enough and even asked questions instead of trolling, or attacking, I'll go ahead with a response of my own!

Yes, a lot of the policies that they adopted during the early days - are gone. But, in it's place, Nintendo adopted new methods, new protocols that drove away developers. Otherwise why would developers "pull out" at the last minute? It's because its the same schtick.

Secondly, as much as I think the policies were replaced by new protocols, I also think that sales for [third party] Wii U [games] were so low, that publishers wouldn't want to develop for it anymore. It's the same thing as Xbox One. The difference is that Microsoft can sell just about any third party title that Nintendo obviously can't. That's the difference.

Thirdly, as contradicting as it sounds, the reason why Wii U is selling 7 million units so far is simply because games like Mario Kart 8, and Smash Bros are moving those systems. That's where the other problem lies with Nintendo's third party support.

shaw981484d ago

We get it. Can N4G stop posting practically the same article? The wii u happend, Nintendo made a mistake, Nintendo is trying to make games to make people happy. Would people stop complaining on what the wii u is not. This is what the wii u is, and right now it is getting amazing games.

CarlosX3601484d ago

This isn't the "same" article. It's an opinion article that challenges the other one. I was making a "disagreement" article.

Muzikguy1484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )

All these "journalists" keep coming out of nowhere and acting like we should all give a crap about their OPINION. It's getting old reading the same stuff over and over and over an....

Everyone knows the big N has third party issues. It's nothing new. Been happening for generationS <~~~ (there's an "S" there) now. "Let's make a story that's 15 years old" isn't how I'd try and get my journalism foot in the door

If it sounds like I'm ranting I'm not. It's just getting ridiculous. If the writer could see this I'd tell them they're late to the party, time to move on to something else

CarlosX3601484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )

But, the other journalist didn't mention it. This is a problem that started during Super NES. Or rather, blew up in Nintendo's face during Super NES.

Muzikguy1484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )

They didn't have to mention it though, its been talked about since N64

wheresmymonkey1484d ago

Last time i checked the Wii and DS dominated last gen with almost no core third party support.

The GC was still profitable in the end without it, as was the N64.

The 3ds which only has middling support at best, especially outside of Japan was the best selling gaming device last year.

Has it held back the WiiU? not really. when it as receivining support no bugger bought it anyway.

Now its got almost none, and Nintendo's starting to provide the console with a steady stream of quality 1st and 2nd party exclusive sales have begun to pick up.

So no, Nintendodon't need theird party support. both historically and currently the actual facts of the matter speak for themselves.

UnceasingElias1484d ago

From being a Xbox fanboy to purchase a Wii U and play Nintendo titles. I can realized that I have played bad games all along. Now I almost only play Nintendo games. I don't need assassins creed or call of duty because in my eyes, Nintendo will allways make the better games.

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