GTA Online Heists Thermite Bomb Leaked

Many have speculated that the GTA Online Heist DLC is coming soon and youtube user DomIsLive came across the Fireworks Launcher image in the weapon stats menu.

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poor_cus_of_games1395d ago

How about a freakin release date for the ps4, x1 and pc version.

Codewow1395d ago

Provisional date: November 1st.

Codewow1395d ago

@MisterFued, A provisional date is a default date that can change later. Just like a lot of games are set to release December 31st, 2014 when they don't have a release date confirmed. So yes, the date is not confirmed, thank you.

El_Colombiano1395d ago

Provisional date: November 1st, 2019.

See? I can do it too, just as GAME did.

anwe1395d ago

While I'm all for ports to other/newer platforms, I'd love to see them follow through with the content we were told was coming for last gen systems. One of the reasons I bought the game in the first place was to run heists with my friends.

I can't help but wonder if the resources dedicated to porting and patching exploits to protect their RMT (which I think are bs) played a large part in this delay.

AtariFanboy1395d ago

Believe it when I see it, Heist has been "coming soon" since last year.