Check Out Halo Master Chief Collection's Remastered Map: Lockout

Lockout joins the remastered maps we've already heard about, including:


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Dewitt1484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )

Absolutely love this, perfect way to remaster this map, with the snow laying on various parts and the alien feel to the structure. This is going to provide 100 of hours of scrims. Also, the fact that it is snowing during gameplay is going to be awesome to see.

ikkokucrisis1483d ago

Having never owned an Xbox, I may pick up the X1 just for this (definitive) game :)

starchild1483d ago

Halo, more than anything, makes me want to get an Xbox One. This collection looks fantastic.

Lawboy21483d ago

Yo that looks amazing...November we need you....

lunatic00011483d ago

i can't wait...its going to be fun destroying my friends and getting destroyed by my friends in this map

incendy351483d ago

So awesome, they really went all out. I love it!

MSBAUSTX1483d ago

I am really looking forward to this. Almost lost all patience. But i am a Halo gamer that always love playing th game Co Op instead of competetive multiplayer. If they give the same attention to the campaign game, I am going to be beside myself.

OpieWinston1483d ago

If Halo 5 Guardians has Firefight added it could join Gears in becoming the perfect shooter experience.

Balancing out Singleplayer/Co-operative/Comp etitive.
Gears 3
4 Player Co-op Campaign
Horde 2.0
Multiplayer Matchmaking

Halo 5
4 Player Co-op Campaign
Multiplayer Matchmaking
Custom Games

Just needs Firefight and 343 could bring Halo into the light.

LAWSON721483d ago (Edited 1483d ago )

Halo has always offered much more features then Gears of war, primarily due to many different co-op modes and user content. As far as being a 'perfect shooter experience' Halo is much closer to such a thing than Gears of war. No shooter has ever offered the same amount of variety and modes as Halo Reach, at least to my knowledge.

OpieWinston1483d ago


I'm talking about delivering the perfect blend for Shooter fans.

Halo has had some weak Co-op features. There's little replay value in doing the campaign over and over again.

Firefight in ODST fixed that issue, and Reach added it...If only Reach had better Competitive MP.

If they added Firefight in Halo 5...The game will be able to be a Perfect blend of Singleplayer/Co-operative/Comp etitive for a Shooter.

More reasons for people to buy "War Games Pass"
Adding value to it.

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The story is too old to be commented.