Why Girls Can't Handle Video Games

Video gaming has been a big target of feminism lately whether it be because of a lack of female protagonists or because of perceived sexism in the community. As a lifetime 'girl gamer', I attempted to explain why some girls are finding it hard to integrate properly into the gaming world.

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Concertoine1425d ago (Edited 1425d ago )

Wow what a clickbait title. It's coming from a female author as well.

Retitle: "Why Feminists Can't Handle Video Games"

scark921425d ago

Generalizing a certain population of Gamers is never a good idea :(
You are correct in that retitle!

Battlefieldlover1424d ago (Edited 1424d ago )

Did you read it? I'd love to play with her, she gets it.

Edit: did anyone read it? She is anti feminist...

EdoubleD1424d ago

I did, I mainly commented on the whole issue in general. Wasn't targeting the article in question.

You really can't blame some of us though, the timing of this article in comparison to the other more click-bait ones did turn the energy up a bit.

Concertoine1424d ago (Edited 1424d ago )

Of course i did. I criticized the clickbait title not the article.

By saying "girls" she refers to every female player including herself.

If she said "feminists" she would be referring to feminists.

ShaunCameron1424d ago

But the female privileges she enjoys negates her anti-feminist front she puts up. She's only against feminism due to the negative feedback it's been getting recently. Other than that, like traditional conservative women, she supports feminism in general. It benefits her.

Battlefieldlover1424d ago

@Edouble & Concertoine. I can get that, but it's how they get paid so i can't hate on the title.

@Shaun, what benifits is she getting?

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EdoubleD1424d ago (Edited 1424d ago )

Stop, these articles are filled with nonsense. How is it you can't just enjoy the game without having to be represented by your race/gender.

Does it really matter? I thought gaming was about escaping reality and immersing yourself with the game regardless of the protagonists gender.

We don't want politics and all that jazz, just f**king play the game (or not).

DragonKnight1424d ago

Feminists don't comprehend what escapism is. To them, escapism is mirroring real life so that you can relate, but at the same time not mirroring real life so that you can escape. See, the problem is that most feminists didn't actually grow up with gaming. They are only perceiving gaming as it is today. They are incapable of understanding the true depth of escapism that exists within gaming because they haven't been doing it long enough.

EdoubleD1424d ago

I feel as if the only reason they still remain relevant is because they're combating issues that don't exist, meaning they can shout and scream as long as they have been doing.

No solutions, just new Tumblrisms to make new non-issues exist. I don't get how there can be so many beta males who fall for this crap, or how these feminists think they can speak for all women/minorities.

I don't know man, when you spend your day looking deep into the abyss which they reside, Your day's basically f**ked.

DragonKnight1424d ago

The beta males don't fall for it. They are subject to their libidos and biology. Men, by our very nature, are created to protect women. Either because they are our mate, or they could potentially be our mate. This is one driving factor that cause the beta males to lose all sense. The other is the libido, as I mentioned. They truly believe, no matter how adamantly they'll state otherwise, that being sympathetic to the feminist cause will come with rewards. Hopefully physical ones.

I've looked at it from all angles and that's the only logical one that exists. I can see no other explanation for why men would willingly allow themselves to be so generalized as to be called sexist, misogynistic, racist, rape apologists by such angry women filled with immense hate and vitriol. They either hate themselves, or want something from accepting that kind of hate.

Halo2ODST21423d ago

She makes good points though

BrandanT1424d ago (Edited 1424d ago )

That's a "yes-no" question that has no real answer.
On one hand, I think it's hypocritical that they criticise sexualization (example: The Samus controversy) in video games yet, women are seemingly oblivious to the over-sexualization in media and women magazine.
On the other hand, there are women who are passionate about gaming.

Big_Game_Hunters1424d ago (Edited 1424d ago )

Although the article has a click bait title i can agree with some of the points made here. for example In a match of Dota most people don't care if you are male or female they will be quick to talk shit if you make mistakes.

Unless your on my team, its easy to get people to stop fighting with each other when you are carrying them ;P

DragonKnight1424d ago

The difference is that a feminist will see the "calling someone out on their mistake" as misogyny if it was a girl that made that mistake.

ShaunCameron1424d ago

Feminists would rather drink cyanide than admit to being wrong.

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