Shootout: Destiny vs. Halo: The Master Chief Collection

IRB Gamer: "Two titles, both of whom share Bungie’s legendary legacy of excellence, are about to clash for top dog in the FPS market, but which one should you get this holiday season? Should you go with the newbie, or the undisputed FPS sci-fi champ?"

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MCTJim1418d ago

No contest for me. I'm getting both!!

Axios21417d ago

Hail to the King baby, why settle for 1 great game when you can have 2.

XBLSkull1417d ago

Getting both, but it's clear bungies multiplayer talent got careers at 343i. Destiny will be great to kill time up until MCC releases though, then its time for some serious competitive multiplayer on 4 of the best console shooters ever released.

Johnsonparts231417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

@xblskull wtf are you talking about? Almost no one from Bungie went to 343 and you're comparing a 15 year old franchise to a game that's not out yet...

GhostTurtle1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

@Axios you mean when you can have 5!

@XBLSkull Dont know what makes this so clear to you, but your wrong. I agree though it'll be tons of fun

@Johnson 15 years old and will still be a blast.

Unfortunately I only have a ps4 and will only be getting Destiny. If I ever do get an X1 MCC will be the first game I get.

gootimes1417d ago

I liked Halo, but I am very excited to try Bungie's new stuff for sure.

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incendy351417d ago

Yep, no choosing between these two. You either get both and win or you lose.

Deividas1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

Im personally have to go with the Halo collection because I have never actually played all the halo games story (played online only on a few)

Plus played the Beta of Destiny on my PS4, personally not my cup of tea, I ge why everyones excityed, just not for me. Will get it eventually just not right off the bat.

theRell1417d ago

Did he really say almost no one from Bungie went to 343? The uninformed.

I'll be enjoying Destiny until MCC. After playing Destiny's multiplayer, it's too much like COD to hold my interest, I'm ready to get back to balanced competition.

Halo2ODST21416d ago

+XBLSkull Only 3 fucking people went to 343 from Bungie, say be misleading again, and I will hunt you down

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mhunterjr1417d ago

No doubt halo is going to be getting the majority of my time... I've been awaiting the return of arena style shooters on console since halo3 went out of style... I never would have guessed a remake would signal the return, but I'm not complaining.

Volkama1417d ago

Featuring enemies you can actually distinguish from the background. Can't wait.

mhunterjr1417d ago

Lol I'm excited about that as well... No more relying in the color of the gamertag to tell if I'm looking at an enemy or not.

qwerty6761417d ago

just gonna buy both.

will be skipping the new cod.

CloudRap1417d ago

Does anyone else think the enemy AIs in Halo felt more idk "organic", its like the points that pop up when you hit them make them feel more like Score bags leaking points than actual enemies.

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