'Advanced Warfare': Spacey's character may not be villain, background detailed

Aaron Halon, Senior Development Director at Sledgehammer Games, took time to talk exclusively with Examiner about the games perceived villain, and how that moniker may not necessarily fit the bill of Irons complex character.

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thorstein1484d ago

Anyone who makes weapons of mass destruction for profit is, at least morally questionable.

JoeMcCallister1484d ago

Agreed, although this character certainly already has more interest for me than pretty much any of the past COD games. Close second is probably Oldman's Reznov.

NikX1484d ago

If not villain then more of an anti-hero

JoeMcCallister1483d ago

I agree, I wonder if he'll have that Magneto angle of his intentions being somewhat admirable, but the course of action being just off the deep end.

NikX1483d ago

That's exactly what I think he will be. Gotta say tho one of the reasons why I'm getting this game it's because of Kevin Spacey and his great acting role as Irons.