New Legend Of Zelda "Only Possible" Thanks To The Wii U Hardware, Says Eiji Aonuma

"This year's E3 was notable for showing us the first footage of the next Legend of Zelda title, which is due to hit the Wii U next year. This new release promises a massive game world to explore, and has predictably become one of the most hyped Nintendo launches of next year."

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Neonridr1486d ago

Glad to hear that Nintendo will be pushing this game to new territories thanks to the added horsepower of the Wii U.

joab7771486d ago

I can't imagine the PS4 would be able to handle this. JK. I am glad to see an HD Zelda. I can't wait.

Magicite1486d ago

I understand why this game is only possible on Nintendo platform, but what makes it theoretically impossible for other platforms, is unclear.

herbs1485d ago

Other consoles don't support an >integrated< second screen controller (Dont compare the Vita) Also Nintendo games are designed around Nintendo hardware, limitations and all. They are wizards when it comes to finding solutions and work arounds to limitations, its part of their entire creative process and part of what makes their games so awesome. Probably a concept that most on here fail to comprehend or appreciate...

achmetha1485d ago

nothing, albeit a nintendo exclusive franchise

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CaptainSellers1486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

I can see people taking this out of context

He is saying the Wii-U allows them to create the vision they have for the next Zelda due to the vastly more powerful hardware compared to the Wii/3DS

Glad to hear they are utilising the extra power they get from the Wii-U

Game is going to be amazing!

ZainreFang1485d ago

He also used as an example that the Gamepad will allow them to make an explorable world like the original Legend of Zelda, while making it more intuitive with a Gamepad map. (And also being able to sell to 100% of the install base, sorry, PSVita/iPads don't cut it!)

user56695101485d ago

and plus this game is designed around the controller with a screen attached to it. dont see a screen on the other systems which is basically a upgraded last gen console

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