One of the greatest shooters of all time launches on iTunes

BioShock is available for purchase on iTunes for $14.99. That's not cheap for a mobile game, but then again, BioShock is one of the best games of all time. New images, game info and launch trailer released

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DesVader1420d ago

Bioshock is still one of my best games from a storyline perspective.

schmoe1420d ago

indeed, but how will it translate on mobile??

TimeSkipLuffy1420d ago

They dropped Vita Support for apple devices... must be a sales decision with iphones & ipads sold more than PS Vitas. Very sad :'(

plut0nash1420d ago

This should be interesting but Apple exclusive? That's bad since I only have Android devices.

HanCilliers1419d ago

I really hope it comes to Android as well

All_Consoles1420d ago

I have an ipad but I want this on nvidia shield. Make it happen 2k

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