VGChartz: Global Weekly, 16th August 2014

PS4 145,972 (+6%)
3DS 125,420 (+12%)
WiiU 64,260 (+12%)
XOne 48,259 (-4%)
PS3 45,320 (+1%)
PSV 36,168 (+13%)
X360 27,081 (+1%)
Wii 7,462 (-2%)
PSP 4,226 (-6%)

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Themba761423d ago

ps4 still at top good job sony.

psforward1423d ago

And good job gamers! Will be interesting to see how these numbers look when Halo MCC comes out, always room for competition.

bouzebbal1423d ago (Edited 1423d ago )

PS4 baby!
Wii U doing well too. PS4+WiiU best combo this gen, same as PS2+GC 2 gens ago.

Xbox One killed 360 and....itself! 360 was selling way better than this.

die_fiend1423d ago

Halo MCC is just comfort food for the people dumb enough to become Xboners.

Destiny is where it's at...ask the people who made Halo!

FITgamer1423d ago

PS4 will still be on top. I honestly don't see Halo MCC doing better than what Titanfall has done.

mcstorm1422d ago

@die_fiend what is it with people like you? Making a comment that says "Halo MCC is just comfort food for the people dumb enough to become Xboners."

Why are people dumb for pickling up a Xbox one? We have a choice of what we buy and just because you like one better than another dose not mean someone else who dose not like the same thing as you is dumb.

The Xbox one, PS4 and WiiU are all great consoles in there own way.

Halo as a massive following like Mario or GT and you have to pickup a console to play them games as they are only on one.

Also Destiny is a multi platform game so someone who buys Halo can also by Destiny too where you can't do that if you buy a ps4.

People like you really need to think before you type or even say things as its people like you hat give gaming a bad name and just bitch all the time.

gootimes1422d ago

This is VG so I don't even really take it too seriously...

But PS4 is definitely a beast.

psforward1422d ago

Funny that I received so many disagrees for being curious about how one game might affect sales. Maybe I should have mentioned that I've never owned a Microsoft console and I would have received fewer disagrees as that is the case.

kratoz12091422d ago (Edited 1422d ago )

Keep in mind that destiny, driveclub and Littlebigplanet 3 are also coming out soon
Also guilty gear is releasing in Japan in December

BitbyDeath1422d ago

I don't think LBP3 will push that many.
It is crossgen and honestly I know it has many changes and all but it is not the jump I was hoping for.

aconnellan1422d ago


"Halo MCC is just comfort food for the people dumb enough to become Xboners"

"Dumb enough to become Xboners"

Regardless of your stance on the game or the system, I can't believe you got 49 agrees for calling people who by the Xbox One dumb. Some of us have actually enjoyed Halo as a series and are looking forward to the MCC because they're classics, and - shockingly - we're enjoying the console as well.

As for me buying the Xbox One, you've guessed it - I am so freaking stupid it's not even funny /s

UltraNova1422d ago

When a console beats a Nintendo handheld in sales, repeatedly, you know that this system will be a sensation!

Ladies I can definitely say that we might have the next ps2 here.

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Magicite1423d ago (Edited 1423d ago )

PS4 is still undertracked for at least 100k, but Im glad they adjusted from 9,4m to 9,9m.
Now, according to vgchartz, PS4 have never sold less than 130k units per week(globally) and have been best selling system for every single week this year.
BTW, have anybody else noticed, that WiiU have been outselling XBO for a while now, like since May?

FITgamer1423d ago

Xbox One also over-tracked by 300k+ in U.S. Can't wait to see how f***ed up their numbers are after the holidays.

SilentNegotiator1422d ago

That's because Wii U released what will no doubt be one of its top 3 best selling games in its lifetime (Mario Kart) and Xbone is still waiting for Halo 5.

choujij1422d ago


Honest question: How big of a surge of Halo fans do you think will be flocking to Xbone when Halo 5 comes out, that would not have already flocked to it once Halo 1, 2, 3, and 4 launches on it via the Master Chief Collection?

UltraNova1422d ago (Edited 1422d ago )


I'll answer your question with a question...

Since when did Halo diehards waited for the next Halo entry to buy an xbox?

The whole point of owning an xbox IS Halo. Waiting makes no sense since its a given.

Point being I would think by year 1 all diehards (whats left of them) should have bought an xbox 1 so don't hold your breath for anything earth shuttering when halo 5 is released.

I guess the Halo collection bundle sales should help answer this.

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Evilsnuggle1423d ago (Edited 1423d ago )

Taken with a rock of salt because it VGCHARTS . But hot dam look at the Wiiu beating the X1 again. X1 is in real trouble . I know x1 fans are counting on sunset overdrive and HALO the master chief collection to help x1 sells. But I think if Titanfall only sold 500000 x1. Then I don't think those two games will. I think x1 is in free fall until halo 5 . Wiiu is hanging in there . If Nintendo can keep up with it's first party exclusive. It will be a tight race 4 2nd place this generation. PS4 sold 3X times as many x1 . DAM

[email protected]

Microsoft said first console to 10 million win the gen . Besides that being out sold 3 to 1 by your closest competitor has never been a good thing. This being VGCHARTS PS4 could be out selling x1 4 to 1
. But it's great you see the bright side

ainTgoTTime2bleed1423d ago

It must not be...look at your disagrees....salt

Ausbo1423d ago

Microsoft is getting destroyed by Sony. They need to drop the price for the holiday season to $350

medman1422d ago

$319 should be the price for the xbone. That would be reasonable...until they get realistic they're going to continue to get hammered in the US...they have no chance across most of the rest of the globe.

UltraNova1422d ago

50 wont cut it, not by a long shot since Sony will easily and immediately counter with a $50 price cut as well. If that happens the ps4 will double in sales overnight!

They really need to be very aggressive. Drop to 300 with a game included. They definitely afford to go against Sony in a price war.

Gamer19821422d ago

From double over the Xbone to triple the sales.. You know things are bad though when the Wiiu is outselling you.

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Chaostar1423d ago

They still have PS4 at 9.8m total, even after Sony themselves have released sold through figures of over 10m. Never change chartzzzzzzz lol.

gfk3421423d ago (Edited 1423d ago )

What would you expect... it's VGChartz, the site that undertracks Sony platforms and overtrackacks MICROSOFT platforms.

I'm not surprised at all. For them is business as usual irrespective of the FACTS around them.

When Sony announced the 10 mil mark, VGChartz had the PS4 at about 9 mil. (If I remember correctly)...

Edit: @FarEastOrient below: Thanks for the clarification.

FarEastOrient1423d ago

VGChartz had PS4 at 9.2 million even though the shareholders got the report stating 10 million plus.

Ocsta1423d ago

Yeah notice how the Xbone is at "5,135,596" when most outlets agree its barely past 5 mil. stealth trolling at its best.

creeping judas1423d ago

"5,135,596" is just barely past 5 million.

Eonjay1422d ago

Its over tracked b6 300k in the US vs Npd so in reality, its not at 4.8 million yet. And considering they are always shown to have the Xbox over in every region, its probably closer to 4.5 million.

Realplaya1422d ago

When did Sony say that? I thought sites reported but Sony never came out and said hey here's proof we sold 10 million. I could be wrong but maybe I'm correct.

1422d ago
G20WLY1422d ago (Edited 1422d ago )

'Realplaya' huh? Not one to watch the Sony conference though... ;^/

The press reported 10m sold (through to consumers) based on the confirmation - on stage - at the Gamescom conference.

But VGChartz knows better than Sony /S

Emanno1423d ago (Edited 1423d ago )

PS4 + PSV game pad remote play = Greatness
The PS4 has already won this gen plus selling 10 million worldwide as Sony expected.

Rumb13stiltzkin1423d ago

Remember, this race is a marathon, not a sprint!

brew1423d ago

Remember , the first to sell 10 million consoles will win!

Boody-Bandit1423d ago (Edited 1423d ago )

Let me take that analogy and run with it (so to speak).

Marathons are 26.21 miles long. With the exception of the last generation, we usually get new hardware every 5 years. That doesn't mean last gen stops just a new generation / marathon begins.

Taken that into consideration. Not even 20% through the race and the PS4 is roughly at the 5.25 mile marker (that's world class speed). The Wii U, with over a mile head start, is at the 3.6 mile marker. The XBOX ONE is at the 2.6 mile marker.

Sony is currently out pacing the Wii U over 2 to 1 and the XBOX ONE 3 to 1. I don't know if you ever ran a marathon but unless the runner that far ahead of you collapses for what ever reason and falls out of the race or starts walking? You have no shot of catching up. Especially considering you are going up against a world class athlete that has won it's last 2 out of 3 marathons.

ltachiUchiha1423d ago (Edited 1423d ago )

Well it is a marathon but for 2 systems to launch a week apart being outsold by 5 million+ units only 9 months in & being outsold every week in your strongest areas especially the US is not a good hole to be in. The gap keeps getting bigger & the crazy thing is Sony's main hitters have not been even launched yet so u can bet xbox shareholders are not happy right now. Heck even the wii u is starting to outsell the xb1. Look for another price cut to come soon.

johndoe112111423d ago


I literally think that is the best analogy I've ever seen in my life lol.

cfc781422d ago

If it's a marathon the guy running for Microsoft must be doing it on his hands and knees.

BeatDizzle1422d ago

Yes it is a Marathon but MS is running the wrong direction.

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HaveSumNuts1423d ago

The Xbox One is competing with the PS3 and WiiU lol

5eriously1423d ago (Edited 1423d ago )

That what they were doing since inception. A few spikes make the console or sales better not!

LOL at the eXBone trolls downvoting factual comments!

n4rc1423d ago

Saying "factual comments" in a vgchartz thread is probably the first reason.. Lol

EliteGameKnight1423d ago (Edited 1423d ago )

More so just competing with the Playstation 3, Wii U is 20 thousands units ahead of the XBO. Unfortunate to see anyone's console of choice do poorly, compared to competition, My heart goes out to the Microsoft gamers. I felt the same when the Wii U was doing horribly

DefenderOfDoom21423d ago

Wow, a pretty big jump in PS4 sales from last week . Madden 15 and NHL15 selling some PS4's in the USA.

Drekken1423d ago

You forgot about Diablo3:UEE. They already said Ps4 user base was bigger than any other diablo on consoles.