New Resistance 2 Screenshots

New screenshots for Insomniac's upcoming PS3 exclusive, Resistance 2. These screens come from the latest single player gameplay videos and include a look at the unveiled city Chicago as well as the new creatures, The Grims.

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pwnmaster30003834d ago

looks better then the original, wonder how it looks like wen its finished

but this game and mgs4 kills the whole entire exclusive line up 360 has to offer this year, which is like wat 1-3

this pic looks hella sick

gunnerheadboy3834d ago

The huge monster looks insane.

-Maverick-3834d ago

This game is so going to be a AAA game.

Condoleezza Rice3834d ago

It's shaping up to be the biggest game of the holidays,way to go Insomniac!

Violater3834d ago

Sorry does not impress, the game should not have been shown yet as also it looks nothing like the fist images we saw.
This is the problem with showing work in progress footage.

Condoleezza Rice3834d ago

In my opinion and in the opinion of the majority of gamers,the game looks stunning for a Work In Progress title.

beavis4play3834d ago

the gears trailer was just a rails shooting segment that was "meh". i wasn't impressed with that but it provided some new info on gears2 and that's good.i'm happy to get any new info on the game.(or any game i'm interested in for that matter) can't take much from look of game from a tv show. especially broken up like it was. but im stoked for the game none the less. i'm looking forward to the trailer that's being released at E3. i think you're being a little too critical. i'd rather have some info from time to time rather than nothing up till release!

Violater3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

Maybe I am being overly critical which is not the same as bashing(not that you say I was, but clearing it up for everyone else).
The game lacks the polish we saw of say ratchet when it was first revealed.

I think it is healthy to be constructively critical and not gushing with the hyperbole "ZOMG Insomniac am gods!!!!!" and so on.
And looking at the video the game does not look like much of a step above the finer R1 moments later in the game.
The lighting is bland, the textures are the same low resolution from 2 years ago.

R1 was a launch title with addictive gameplay that got a pass in my book, R2 needs to impress me visually as a 3rd gen PS3.
There is no use in comparing this to gears no good can come of that.
New info is good but not at the possibility of people loosing interest and as it is I am less interested in the game than I was before.
Which is not to say that I dont expect and hope the game turns out great, all I am saying is what I see now does not impress.

TOSgamer3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

These screen shots as well as the footage did not impress me at all. Everything looked very flat and lacks detail. Not to mention they are still using that faded color palette from the first game. It just kinda looks like you are playing in the world of old worn photograph. Throughly disappointed with this because the footage looks nothing like those early "screen shots" that were revealed in magazines. And the new enemies look like those worker bees from the first game except they move faster. Skinny starving aliens not scary or intimidating. Ratchet, Uncharted and MGS 4 raised the bar for graphics on the PS3 and this game just doesn't deliver at this point.

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Condoleezza Rice3834d ago

And then tell me this game doesn't look incredible!

Violater3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

I can't tell if you are being sarcastic or you just have your fanboy glasses on.
Whatever is the case that image pretty much sums up my impressions.
Though I must admit it gives me a Cloverfield vibe and I'm not sure if thats a good thing or a bad thing.

kosha3834d ago

Anything that gives you a cloverfield vibe is a good thing. That film is amazing

madness3834d ago

HD game clipped in SD?

the screenshots make R2 look like a ps2 game.

watch the damn GT TV episdoe which will at least do R2 more justice!

steck673834d ago

Yea, it's pretty crappy compared to the GTTV HD version, but you gotta admit, it still looks awesome.

Condoleezza Rice3834d ago

I just spilled my Coffee in awe,such a beautiful game :D

segasage3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

nothing incredible with them pics or what we have seen...

I think youve used up every super duper licious words created so far

using the lords name in vain for these pics come

Condoleezza Rice3834d ago

When I saw the SD footage I was like "Looking great,but lets see if the HD footage looks better".And lo and behold,the HD footage looks much much better,so excuse me for being hyped for Insomniacs Gem.

Violater3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

This is the kind of thing I mean,
It is by no means a lump of coal but it certainly isn't a "gem" just yet.

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