Guess how much Xbox One Kinect costs in the UK...

The standalone Xbox One Kinect will cost £129.99 in the UK, Microsoft has confirmed to The device will ship simultaneously in the UK and North America on October 7.

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Bennibop1421d ago

You buy them for £25 in the UK at the moment

Askanison41421d ago

If a store offered me £6 for mine I'd tell them where to shove it. CEX is notoriously bad value for money if you're a seller.

Bennibop1421d ago

I blame Microsoft for devaluing Kinect 2 not Cex. If they did not back out of fully supporting Kinect then this would not happen and it would eventually got its killer app.

pompombrum1421d ago

CEX offers far better money than you'll get anywhere else. The fact it's so low is a great indicator of just how unpopular kinect is over here. If they had set it too high, almost everyone would be trading theirs in.

Clown_Syndr0me1421d ago

Same. The voice commands and video/upload make it more than worthwhile to me. Id never sell it! But I wouldn't pay £120 for one either.

GarrusVakarian1421d ago (Edited 1421d ago )

£130 quid?

Lmfao. That is way too high of a price. Especially for a piece of tech that hasn't even been widely adopted yet, and most likely won't be outside of a few gimmicky motion and voice controls, just like last-gen.


Nah, CEX is usually really good for trade-in prices. Much better than everywhere else, and usually only a little worse than Amazon. They're the best when it comes to store trade-ins, though. Not sure why the hell their Kinect prices are so cheap. Can't see many people paying £130, when you can just get them for £25 at CEX.

Askanison41421d ago (Edited 1421d ago )


Personally, I have never been happy when I've left the store. Always feel shafted, no matter what it is I've just traded. Particularly on hardware. Their markup margins are really bloody high.

I'll stop going off topic now :P

I've found the Kinect to be very useful. Couldn't live without it.

MRMagoo1231421d ago

£130 great googly moogly , I thought Australia got ripped off that's nearly enough to get a wiiu.

Spotie1421d ago

How long should people wait for that "eventual" killer app? It never came for the original device; what would make people think it would arrive for the successor?

SniperControl1421d ago (Edited 1421d ago )

So why does't MS lower the price of the "dis-kinected" X1 by the same amount?
Should be £300 not £350.

die_fiend1421d ago

lol I'd take £6 for that heap of shart

Onenyte1421d ago

They sell and trade base on demand on there end and the customers and there market changes all the time, the more they get the less it will get ,until they just wont take anymore.

Its by far not CeX's fault or anyone else that buys and sell.

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URNightmare1421d ago

Kinect DOA: Part II

Coming to a store near you.

poor_cus_of_games1421d ago (Edited 1421d ago )

£25? I bought mine from CEX just over a month ago for £20. Maybe I should go and buy a few more and sell them. Also when I use kinect to turn on my xbox why doesn't it also turn on the controller? It makes that whole feature pointless.

BattleTorn1421d ago

In Canada, most I've seen being sold are going for $40-$60.

And ours might retail at higher than $149!

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MasterCornholio1421d ago

Holy crap that's expensive as heck.


If someone really wants Kinect 2 they can just buy it used for a lot less.

AndyScooby1421d ago (Edited 1421d ago )

Quiet funny really how Microsoft reduced the xbx one by £50 without Kinect but then charge £130 for Kinect should have made the kinectless console 299.99 thieves lol

Infamous2981421d ago (Edited 1421d ago )

My thoughts exactly. Gotta make money somehow after huge cost of R&D went to the kinect 2.0. If only microsoft used that R&D money used on the kinect 2.0 to open new first party studios instead of buying "exclusives".

ShowGun9011421d ago

we all knew that how much it cost anyway! if a kinectless SKU was the same price as the ps4, and the hardware is weaker, that means the kinect HAD to more than 100...

feedthereaper1421d ago

Should never have been removed. They should have weathered the storm and encouraged developers and Indie Devs to make full use of it in new and creative ways. A couple of years down the line and with the right creative talent to make some seriously good gains in the technology and it could have really took off as something far more important to gaming than 1080p. Combine Kinect with VR so that you can use VR WITHOUT a controller for full virtual realism, and Microsoft had a beast of a machine people would have bought in their millions.

Instead, they dropped Kinect, halted a growing userbase of people who owned it, and instantly made developing Kinect games and software a risky business. It is why it never took off with the X360, because not enough people jumped on board this new tech, and why developers are again going to shun it.

I think a maximum 10% gain on CPU is a pathetic tradeoff compared to an umbelievable piece of technology that has come on leaps and bounds in the PC modding community and was ready to take off in a big way on the Xbox One. The only thing that is holding it back, is creative imagination and developer support..... and Microsoft has crushed most of the developer support by asking them to develop games and apps for a piece of kit that now not everyone owns!

Microsoft simply have to stop pandering to fanboys and clickbait media and start believing in their business models and what will work, and start showing some guts with their decisions. Sometimes it feels like the entire business is run by pushovers who let a few bloggers tell them what to do with multi-billion $$$ product lines!

mcstorm1421d ago

I agree I really like Kinect 2 and it is a massive leap over the 1st. It will be interesting to see what happens with it now as for me I could not see me using the Xbox one without it and it gets better and better with the updates and apps added to the Xbox one.

Ide love to see them do a steel battalion for Kinect 2 as it would really show off the tech this time round.

vikingland11421d ago

I love using the Kinect but it wasn't what the majority of gamers wanted. 2-1 sale ratio is not good so they had to do somthing. Besides the XB1 with Kinect is still available for those that want one.

ShowGun9011421d ago

im not a fan of kinect, but once you SAID it was mandatory, you should NEVER go back... keep selling it, and with a high enough install base it would have become something that would have caught some devs eyes... now its relegated to the sidelines, never to see its full potential fulfilled...

dropping the price a little and eating the money would have been better IMO.

the other part of the problem is, M$ never created their OWN peice of software that showed how awesome kinect could be for gaming... Milo was as close as they got, and it was a glorified tech demo, and its debatable how much it showed could actually be pulled off. but still, M$ should have created an awesome 10/10 game that showed how kinect is fun, awesome, and NEEDED. instead, they hoped kinect sports rivals and The Fighter Within would sell us on kinect... needless to say, it didn't.

RosweeSon1421d ago

£129.99 yet they only knocked off £49.99 off the bundle, someone's having a laugh.