I Did It for You- The Walking Dead Season 2: Episode 5 Review | Hey Poor Player

Season 2 of The Walking Dead is pretty widely agreed to be overall not quite as great as the first season, but the season finale makes some strides towards changing that in an adrenaline-filled finale with more to it than is immediately apparent.

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Jyndal1486d ago

AAA+ game imo.
I already know I'll be purchasing the season ticket for part 3 when it becomes available.

Elimin81485d ago

Same here. I'm hoping it jumps to PS4.

Revolt131486d ago

This episode was absolutely brilliant. The feels were real

No_Pantaloons1486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

Finished it yesterday, I didn't think it was as great as this review says, but pretty good considering it has mountain to live up to from last season.

I thought a lot of the episode was sorta weak, story-wise, too much infighting which might make some sense since theres no main villain to focus on, but gets tiring pretty quick and it continues the whole episode. I really think the danger of freezing, lack of food, and general exhaustion would make the fighting pretty limited, they just wouldn't have the energy to rile each other up constantly.

WITHOUT SPOILERS, I was a bit surprised at how different the endings are compared to S1, where the choice was emotional but didn't really effect the end result, that's not true here. They're gonna have to pick a cannon cause they're not even remotely the same.

Bonus points though for the little throwback scene with Lee.


It's terrible watching a let's play of this and seeing them kill off your favorite character