GameTrailersTV: Resistance 2 Gameplay Debut

The world debut gameplay footage of this year's highly anticipated Resistance 2 and more.

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jkhan3835d ago

OMG :|
Where the hell did my jaw go! :|
Awesome, truly epic:|

The Power of Red3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

watch 05:22

Have I just seen Godzilla???


You can swim!

Chuck Norris3835d ago

Cloverfield meets I am Legend.

Wolfmoonstrike3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

*hears something crack under foot* er..sorry dude. *picks up jkhan's jaw* I'm sure a dentist can fix it..Maybe..sorry again. But hey you don't need a jaw to play a game, just some hands w/ thumbs and enough fingers. oh and I suppose eyes and ears. but yah...

EDIT: @chuck
lol so true, so true. And any Gamer would actually find a way. Why? Because that's what we do, find a way.

Chuck Norris3835d ago

"you don't need a jaw to play a game, just some hands w/ thumbs and enough fingers"

I bet that even if you had your hands cut-off, you would still find a way to play this game with your feet.

Statix3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

Graphically, it's an improvement, but not a vast improvement. I'm a PS3 fanboy, but I'm honestly not TOO amazed by what Insomniac has thus far. The graphics aren't a HUGE, huge upgrade from Resistance 1 like I was expecting or hoping for (at one point, based on the early scans, we were actually thinking along the lines of a competitor to Crysis!), while the gameplay looks rather conventional. As far as upcoming FPS games, I'm more looking forward to Killzone 2, Far Cry 2, Fallout 3, and maybe even Project Origin.

Of course, this footage is sub-HD, and a little dark/grainy in the first place, so I'll reserve judgment on the graphics until I see more.

Lord_Ash3835d ago

It’s still five months away so I’m sure it’s going to be better looking by then, but I love the intensity of the game play, I loved the 1st one and this looks miles better.

sunnygrg3835d ago

November is officially Sony's b!tch, and Resistance 2 is the playmate of the month.

WisinYandel3835d ago

Man I just got horny watching that video.

Statix3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

Then again, after looking at the video more closely, there are some aspects of the graphics that impress me on a technical level, such as the large scale of the environments, nice set design with the retro, 50's under-construction Chicago, and good detail to the levels considering the size and scale. The enemies, such as the Grim, seem to have nice detail when they get up-close also.

One slight bummer, at least to my eyes, however, is the apparent lack of dynamic lighting; it seems Insomniac opted for prebaked lightmaps rather than a universal shadow-casting lighting model a la GTAIV, COD4, MGS4, and Crysis. Though in their mind, that might be, in the end, the best solution in accordance with them and their design goals.

At the very least, it's a positive that the framerate seems consistent, even at this early stage, and perhaps as they optimize the game further down the line, there may additional be improvements to the graphics.

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Silogon3835d ago

An incredible looking game on all fronts. This is the must have game this year. Killzone what? The grims look so bad ass.

pwnmaster30003835d ago

wow siligon keep this up and we might like u more

but killzone is not coming in 08 so yeah

poos33835d ago

hahahaha there is no defferwence between res 1 and 2 graphically when asked about new gameplay fooatge no answer haha nothing new res 2 is crap looking atleatd thought it would match cod4 in graphics not not close dont even mention gears 2 cause that a whole new zone this game qwill bomb and im happy it will.

Mr Fancy Pants3835d ago

Keep dreaming poos3.

This game gonna beat Call of Duty 4 in the graphics department and that piece of s#!t you call Halo3, just wait and see...

Tetsuryu3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

Much like in every episode of GTTV, the provided embed code for videos won't work properly on this site. My sincerest apologies.

Condoleezza Rice3835d ago

All that matters is that the beautiful and lush visuals of Resistance 2 can be seen by all.

Cartesian3D3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

thx for delayin Killzone2 to Feb 09 ... (reasons :more polish, RESISTANCE 2)

absolutely EPIC

EDIT: the attention to environment details is amazing,HDR is amazing too . all Unreal engine 3 games have Blurry range with ultra lowres texture or poor animation.. but just look at the chicago streets u can see a chimera 150 meter away runnig toward you !!

the only thing thats not as awesome as other parts is Weapon details & few textures.. both will be polished for sure.. :)

another AAA game from insomniac ..

Condoleezza Rice3835d ago

Resistance 2 looks set to deliver another immersing and epic FPS journey,the graphics are fantastic,animations have been greatly improved,and my oh my was that a 300 foot boss I just saw!?!!?

I can't wait to buy this game!

-Maverick-3835d ago

I don't think that one was 300 feet tall. That was was more like 150 feet 8D.

This game will WITHOUT A DOUBT be ridiculous and EPIC.

It will be a AAA. I love the haters. This game will be a HUGE AAA game.

Condoleezza Rice3835d ago

They just can't accept the fact that a studio known for developing AAA games are going to deliver yet another AAA game.

The graphics looks absolutely stunning,I don't think people have quite absorbed the amount of detail yet.Whether or not Gears of War 2 looks better than Resistance 2 is another topic altogether,I think it's great that both games are coming out in the same time frame,as this means we'll get to see the final builds of each and a lot of other media to determine whether or not Insomniac have created a game with visuals to rival the current console graphics king,KillZone 2.

2008 is looking to be another great year for gamers!

EastCoastSB3835d ago

Who says that was the monster Price was talking about? =)

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highdro3835d ago

sweet............ looks bad as and fun, u hve to be a blind fan boi to say the graphics do not look sick,...!!! R2 FTW then KILLZONE 2 FTW !!!

Condoleezza Rice3835d ago

The graphics are just so detailed it's ridiculous.