Sony Announces Official PS3 Cables

When the PS3 launched to Japan on 11/11, those wanting to connect the system to a high def set without using the included composite AV cables had only one choice: purchase a PS2 branded D-terminal, component or S-video cable. PS3 branded cables weren't available at launch.

Today, Sony Japan at last got around to announcing official PS3 brand cables. Set for Japanese release on 11/22 is an official D-terminal cable. It will be followed on 12/7 by a composite AV cable, an S-video cable and a component AV cable. The composite cable will sell for 1,500 yen with the three other cables delivering double plus performance for double the price, 3,000 yen.

Each cable is 3 meters in length and uses 24K gold connectors.

It should be noted that PS2 branded cables do the job just fine with the PS3. However, if you find yourself concerned about having that number "2" on the packaging, you now have an alternative.

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