Madden NFL 15 Lighting is much better in Xbox One than PS4 : Screenshot comparison

Here is a comparison screenshot of Madden NFL 15 posted by Bryan Wiedey, analyst at Graphically the Xbox One version of Madden NFL 15 has the edge over the PS4.

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Bennibop1484d ago

I just tested this as this story comes from gamepur and the lighting is exactly the same I have just recreated the sun shining on the PS4 version. This is a gamepur story so you know its [email protected] from the off!

Webbyy1484d ago

You have so many disagrees. it says something

nicksetzer11484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )

It says that most people believe known journalist who provide pictures and information to support their arguments over random commenters who just say "nuh uh" ...

That aside, I am pretty sure they are both grpahically the same and the pics provided are just a fluke. The lighting won't be EXACTLY the same every time even in similar circumstances.

XxExacutionerxX1484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )

I like Microsoft but did they pay EA to make the Ps4 verison look like a downgrade. Lol wow As much as I love the Xbox One, EA stop holding this grudge with sony because in the end, they have sold more consoles. More consoles equals more of a chance that people wii buy your games.

thorstein1484d ago

How's this for proof, despite the trollng article's author's claim, the SUN is not setting in the PS4 shot. He claims the sun doesn't set on PS4 version.

BS is BS.

Forn1484d ago

This making to the front page of this site is pretty ridiculous imo considering the article is complete bs.

geezy691484d ago

What? That there were more bone fanboys in this thread than ps4?

sonarus1484d ago

So the xbox one has sun glare and ps4 does not. It's interesting this is only being posted by one source. Pastapadre generally is to be trusted though' however I would still rather see this from a more reputable source like digital foundry

mikeslemonade1484d ago

PS4 version will be the better one. We will let the comparisons take place first.

That being said the graphics are dissappointing. To quantify it the game is better looking by only about 5-10% compared to last generation.

ziggurcat1484d ago


i would believe a first-hand account from a user on this site rather than a "journalist" from the same site who, last week, used *misterx* as a source.

and if it was a fluke (i agree with you on that point) then it's not fair to present it, and say, "hey, look guys xbone version has the better lightings!"

gootimes1484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )

People should just wait for digital foundry and stop giving these guys hits...

I would be stunned if the PS4 didn't show sun and lens flare. This looks like different times of day by the looks of the stadium shadow and lighter shadows. Digital foundry will look at all of it in depth I am sure.

sonarus1484d ago

i would be stunned as well considering ps4 accomplishes lens flare easily in more technically demanding games

KidBroSweets21484d ago

I'm not saying that this isn't true since I haven't played this but why would the PS4 version have ZERO sun flare/glare in it??? You would think there'd be something there at least, right?

CryofSilence1484d ago

The difference in lighting is due to a different time of day (different sun position). Take a look at the stadium shadows cast on the field. What a joke of an "article."

vishmarx1484d ago

are people actually dumb enough to not see the different positions of the sun
one behind the hud,
the other below it?

XB1_PS41483d ago

The approved news on this site is going down the shitter. For the last few months it's been 50/50, BS to News ratio.

UnwanteDreams1483d ago

So graphics matter again? Cant keep up with all the flip floppin.

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Bennibop1484d ago

Not sure why! They need to test this out for themselves! Or have a look on twitch!

AngelicIceDiamond1484d ago

(Sigh) Somebody call Digital Foundry...

So we can quickly get this out of the way.

qwerty6761484d ago

you "tested" this?

yeah im sure you bought both versions of the game for 120 bucks just to "test" this lol.

Bennibop1484d ago

I have never claimed to have bought both versions. Gamepur claim that there is a lighting effect missing specifically lens flare. I have checked the PS4 version and it is present.

ziggurcat1484d ago


you don't need both versions. the article claims that PS4 doesn't have the lens flare, so all you need to do is look at the PS4 version to verify. and bennibop confirmed it was actually present.

so someone is lying, and it's not bennibop.

Perjoss1484d ago

I dont know if he did or didn't, but I've done this myself a few times, GTA IV being one example where I bought it for both PS3 and 360 and then kept the one that I liked best and traded in the other for the same value that I paid for it.

Shop called CEX in the UK, if you trade the games in shortly after they come out sometimes you get more back than what you paid.

HaveAsandwich1484d ago

one has lens flare because of the situation, the other doesn't. put both in the exact same situation, and they would look the same.

thexmanone1484d ago Show
gootimes1484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )

I guess someone should have told that to Diablo 3... We have no idea how similar they are technically speaking, digital foundry will let us know fps, res, lighting. Who knows which version is "superior".

It is true that PS4 has better hardware on paper, but what does that even matter with all the secret sauce X1 has? /s

I guess having the superior version does matter after all though to both fan bases, good to know.

wsoutlaw871484d ago

The ps4 version definitly has lense flair. Who cares about a lense flare affect anyways. Thats not really the games lighting.

ThatOneGuyThere1484d ago

yep. "lens flair" is 1 or a few sprites. its completely trivial and has NOTHING to do with lighting.

andibandit1484d ago


1484d ago
MRMagoo1231484d ago

I wouldn't believe it either way , EA always go for parity and if they said the ps4 was better I still wouldn't believe it. But anyone trying to say this article is telling the truth are gonna look silly when it's confirmed false and bs soon enough. I can bet my left nut they are identical because that's what EA do.

mmcglasson1483d ago

Risky to bet your left nut hahaha because I bet the PS4 version has a better frame rate and it actually has the "missing" lens flare that this article was completely wrong about.

This just goes to show that there are a bunch of gullible little kids out there that will believe anything thrown at them just so their little console can be number 1 (sorry but that won't happen).

Same things goes for all those idiots brainwashed by Fox News. They believe anything without doing any fact checking whatsoever.

droc11231484d ago

People need to realize that all u have to due is change the contrast and lighting settings on your tv to make one Version look different then the other... I can make the lighting look terrible on the highest end PC if I mess around with the settings. I'm not saying that is what this journalist did, but if u want to see if there is a real difference you'll have to buy both versions and test it for yourself.

hiredhelp1484d ago

Wait min look again closely at the pictures guys.
The still shots been taken one were the sun isn't blocked by the on screen score bar were beaming the light on the field.

The other looks like taken just after the other shot look at the yard line idk maybe just me its like 5am here lol.
And there big icon on the field blue thing missing fom second image.

Now lets say all that doesnt change anything what if the game has dynamic lighting.

Azzanation1484d ago

@Bennibop- The difference between what you say and what they say is quite interesting. These guys had a side by side comparison where you didn't. PS4 might still have a lens flare effect but is it at the same quality? I am not taking your word for it unless you have done a side by side comparison and show pics. This article supplied pics you didn't.

UnwanteDreams1483d ago (Edited 1483d ago )

So it matters to you. I just want know because you guys move the goal posts so often. You're saying graphics matter again even small differences.

Spotie1483d ago

Can you verify their side by side comparison is authentic? Can you confirm that the settings are the same in each image, and not at different times of day or from different angles?

It doesn't take a user here posting a side by side image comparison to disprove this. All it takes is people playing the damn game themselves on PS4 and noting that, yes, there IS flare in that version.

And if there's ANY doubt as to the impartiality of the author or site (Polygon, William Usher, etc) from previous outings, it's actually intelligent to fact check them. Based on other comments here, that indeed seems to be the case.

I'm curious as to why you'd attack him and protect the article, yet you have nothing to confirm what they assert, yourself. Do you have some reason for wanting the article to be correct, and thus for wanting to discredit the OP's claim? I bet a check through your comment history would uncover just such a motivation.

ITPython1484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )

The XB1 will never have a graphical/performance advantage over the PS4 in regards to multiplats... unless of course MS pays to have the PS4 version gimped.

The PS4 not only has the superior hardware, but it is also much easier to develop for. So if the PS4 gets a version that is considered inferior whatsoever compared to the XB1 version, then foul play is absolutely confirmed.

Sorry for those who disagree with this fact, but unlike last gen where the PS3 had the hardware advantage but was hard to develop for, and the 360 was easy to develop for but had weaker hardware, the XB1 has no hope as it not only has the inferior hardware, but is also harder to develop for. It's lose-lose. PS4 versions of multiplats will always be better unless it gets gimped. Fact.

bohemian 231483d ago

Fact: you are an idiot! Sorry if you disagree with that fact, but the fact is my fact is actually a fact. I love facts.

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Software_Lover1484d ago

I don't see much of, if any, difference at all.

Brim1484d ago

the light shining is what they're referring to

700p1484d ago

This article seemed pointless.

frostypants1484d ago

The lens flare is the only difference. The true cause is that in one shot the sun simply is obscured. Whoever did this comparison is a tool.

Sayai jin1484d ago

Most of the time you can't with most of the games, but you know how people on n4g are.

Dee_911484d ago

Well there appears to some type of generic type of lens flare coming from the sun in the Xbone version.. not sure how that means better lighting but, what ever..

oSHINSAo1484d ago

So now you guys are blind but you can notice the difference between 720 and 1080

memots1484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )

So now you see a difference in Lens flair but can't make out the difference between 720p and 1080p , I tough graphic didn't matter?

UnwanteDreams1483d ago

Yep they all lied they care about graphics when its better on their console. Hypocrisy

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DJustinUNCHAIND1484d ago

Here come the "MS paid EA to gimp PS4 version" comments.

Dee_911484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )

got any other explanation as to why a company that paid the NFL millions of dollars to have some fantasy football feature integrated in the console to be a NFL fans go to console wouldn't pay EA to make the only NFL game on console look better on the Xbone?
Eh I'm not saying this happened at all but, just because you 'called it' it shouldn't negate the claim..
Just sayin

I know you can't reply with one bubble.. its a rhetorical question.

shloobmm31484d ago

I don't imagine stuff like that actually happens, because when it got out the sh*t would surely hit the fan. We all know it would get out. Whether it be disgruntled employee or by some other means. I think we can all let that one go.

Dee_911484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )

Me neither.I never thought Microsoft would pay to delay Tomb Raider on other platforms to get first dibs either.. but that happened..
Hey, lets call it a partnership, now alls well lol. MS gave EA some secret juice and additional cloud space to boost performance on Xbone!

For the record I don't think they will look any different..

Dizzydrifter11484d ago

can i have a tin foil hat too?

curtis921484d ago

maybe they should've taken the screen at the same time? rather than the ps4 version being later in the 1st qtr and the sun being set more (hence the extended stadium shadow on ps4)

bcrazy181484d ago

It's only a minute or so difference in time. Wouldn't make a difference. Imo

MK661484d ago

I'm a Madden fan and I own all three consoles. I call you bull$h!t sir. I've played the ps4 version and it's great, but the lighting is better on the X1. Some people........ Smdh