Assassin's Creed Unity Gets Online Free Roam; Over 85 Weapons; New Playable Characters and More

Open World Games talks about Assassin’s Creed Unity’s online free roam, as revealed by Ubisoft. Plus, news about weapons, new playable characters, and more.

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bixxel1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

GUYS!!! This video:
is actually the entire Versailles.The city as well as the outside huge landmass of the in game map that you saw from the rift mission is fully explorable in the game.Even the area outside the city.
And it was beta testing on parkour to check the glitches in the game.They're trying to fix all bugs.

Psychotica1489d ago

Impressive that the crowds are so big, not so impressive that their are duplicate characters next to each other. Kind of blows the immersion of it.

sirmoneyshot1489d ago

still going to pass up. not because i dont like ac but because i hate yearly installs. i dont have the time with work and all to fully enjoy my 60 dollar investment before the new one comes out. :( im still playing revelations for god sake

dcj05241489d ago

Buy it when ya want bro.

Psychotica1489d ago

It's always good to have some games you haven't played when there is a new game drought..

matrixman921489d ago

You cant beat a game in a year? I am a full time college student and part time employee...I can blow through an AC game in less than a month

sirmoneyshot1481d ago

its not that i cant beat it in a year it just the past couple of AC got old and stale for me. unity looks good but with games like destiny, driveclub, and farcry coming out i wont have the time or money to play this. end the long run i will probably buy it when it is on sale for 20 dollars and there is nothing else to play.

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mcarsehat1489d ago

Please, dub the video with someone else's voice. He sounds like he's choking on sausage.

skulz71489d ago

Its all amazing but the guys made a mistake. You don't play as those other assassin's, you rescue them in the rift missions. The game looks absolutely incredible! That's what assassin's creed and 4 years development time can do! Real respect for the franchise. They create a new historical open world every year. Paris looks stunning.

KnightRobby1488d ago

I did not realize that. Do you have a link to the info about this? So we got some famous Assassins to rescue. That's different!

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