Resident Evil Remaster on Wii U: Capcom currently focused on other platforms

Rely on Horror: In an upcoming interview with Capcom producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi, we learned that a Wii U version of the game is currently not Capcom's focus, stating that the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC versions are. We weren't told whether or not a Wii U version is completely out of the cards, so maybe there's hope.

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DryBoneKoopa851488d ago

I have a feeling we will hear something about this a little closer to launch. I hope it does. If not, I'll always still have the Gamecube/Wii versions.

bouzebbal1487d ago

Having the menu on Gamepad without having to pause the game everytime would definitely make it the superior version of them all.

Concertoine1487d ago

I think people underestimate the effect this would have in a horror game. Imagine all the times you felt overwhelmed and hid behind a inventory/map screen. Now imagine a game you couldn't pause, you had to check your map, manage inventory in real time. That would be awesome.

bouzebbal1487d ago

@Concertoine: That's one of the things that made TLoU the game it is because you are constantly watching around even while crafting an object.

One of the things Resident Evil code veronica is best on Dreamcast is because of the VMS on the controller that was always showing life level, which was pretty handy.

Being able to display the menu on Wii U Gamepad would be a game changer..

randomass1711488d ago

Seems so weird that a GCN remake is not being remastered on a Nintendo console. Good thing I'm getting a PS4 next month.

LOL_WUT1488d ago

Its very unfortunate that not even Japanese publishers are backing up the WiiU. This one remaster would've been great for the console ;)

Qrphe1487d ago

inb4 people claiming devs won't support the Wii U because they hate Nintendo yet they support the 3DS

pcz1487d ago

surprise surprise, another game not coming to wiiu.

resident evil is a major asset, for nintendo to lose out is a massive blow to the wiiu.

but hey, this is expected now. expect bad news for wiiu every day.

Chrischi19881487d ago

Troll, if it came, you would just brag about, how the Wii U just gets a remastered game again. Is it possible for you to once say something positive? I bet not, the ego is to big for that.

miyamoto1487d ago

Yeah, this is what happens to a gaming company who calls their patrons "pathetic".

Instant karma.

Locknuts1487d ago

Never knew Miyamoto had such balls. Good for him.

Kevlar0091487d ago

I thought casuals didn't buy any WiiU's?

lilbroRx1487d ago

@Kevlar009, they don't. They buy PS4's at the moment.

Also, Miyamoto called the lack of interested in challenging games pathetic, not the people, though what more can I expect from Nintendo haters but to spin things as negatively as possible.

Chrischi19881487d ago

Anyone who actually read the news about Miyamotos calling something pathetic know, that he did mean the people, he meant the behaviour, that people only play mini games like Candy Crush instead of real games. He called that behaviour pathetic, but what can one expect on n4g and its haters.

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DCfan1487d ago

Wasn't there a Wii port of REmake?
So i guess it isn't needed since WiiU is backwards compatible

PSWiiKing1487d ago

But we still have to use The Wii Remote and Nunchuck.

DualWielding1487d ago

That's Nintendo's fault not Capcom's

lilbroRx1487d ago

@DualWielding, I didn't know Nintendo made the RE Remake port for the Wii. I'm pretty sure the control schemes supported was decided upon by the devs alone after launch period ended.

Also, the Wiimote and Nunchuck posed absolutely no problem with the game. It played the same as it did on the GC.

DCfan1487d ago

I thought it supported the awful GC controller.

PSWiiKing1487d ago


The Wii U doesn't have the Gamecube Controller Port yet.

randomass1711487d ago

I was told the Wii RE games all supported GCN and Classic controllers.

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