Xenoblade Chronicles X quests will be “much more user-friendly”

Xenoblade Chronicles for Wii featured a quest log that could quickly become very long and intimidating for some players.

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Big_Game_Hunters1482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

Damn X is going to be a lot better than Xenoblade, I can just tell.
Monolith soft truly are beyond gods.
A fitting title.
Daily reminder to thank our JRPG lord and savior Tetsuya Takahashi

DCfan1481d ago ShowReplies(2)
wonderfulmonkeyman1482d ago

Yeah, the quests being a bit confusing at times was the only thing I didn't like about the first one, so having quests and important NPC's show up on the map at any time instead of just when you're close to them is going to be a HUGE help.
And considering the size of the world, I feel it's a necessary step anyways.

Great news, can't wait to play the game myself!

DeusEx-Machina1482d ago

TBH I found the quests in XB1 were quite user friendly enough already.

I hate it when games take me by the hand and guide me like I'm some retard. I really hope it's not becoming too much "user friendly" and most importantly can be turned off if not wanted.

But to be fair I understand that quests in XB1 could be quite painful, if you couldn't find the quest giver anymore, cause you couldn't remember his location or didn't know his daily path well.

acekaze1482d ago

Only problem i had with the quests in XB1 was when they involved capturing monsters in certain areas that required specific conditions to happen, these werent user friendly at all, i spent over 2 hours running in the hills searching 1 type of monster, and my only clue was that they liked water, so i searched every damn lake, then i gave up and when check the internet, and thats when i saw it "These type of monsters only appear near water ponds when its raining".

It was actually fun, but they simply didnt have enough evidence for me to find it on my own.

deafdani1481d ago

Lol, yeah. White Eduardo. I remember that one. Finding him was a pain for me as well. XD

Damn, I loved Xenoblade, it was my favorite game of the past generation. I would re-buy it in a instasecond if Nintendo remastered it in HD for the Wii U and used the gamepad for maps and inventory management.

Summons751481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )

Please please please give us a surprise and box the first one with it. After GameStop his nearly all the copies and most preorders went unfulfilled then brought the copies back "used" it's impossible find a copy. Also sell in ALL retailers because F GameStop.

LightDiego1481d ago

That's true, lucky me that i still have my copy but it's really difficult to find Xenoblade Chronicles. Would be great this package, just like what will happen with Bayonetta.

Summons751481d ago

I was one of the ones GameStop screwed over. Worst part they didn't call me or anything and just moved my preorder over to that years Call of Duty. I was so pissed I cancelled all my preorders and never went back.

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