Miyamoto says Nintendo will be sticking to dedicated gaming hardware for the long term

NE: "Don’t expect Nintendo to ditch dedicated gaming devices anytime soon."

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ape0071304d ago

there's no one that i respect more in gaming than this dude

Big_Game_Hunters1304d ago

as it should be, no one deserves it more.

weekev151304d ago


If you dont know Shiggy by now, its time you educated yourself.

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AKR1304d ago

And with good reason too; he makes it a good chunk of the reason why the gaming industry still exists/ is as big as it is today.

People slam Miyamoto and Nintendo a lot - but they conveniently forget that if it weren't for them, the gaming industry may have very well ceased to exist, and even if it did carry on, it more than likely wouldn't be anywhere near the size it is right now.

vishmarx1304d ago

people slam adam for eating the forbidden fruit too....but if it werent for him....

ABizzel11304d ago


I can think of some others. None have his rep sheet of games and time in the industry, but they earn my rep for simply keeping everything 100 and upfront about the industry, their games, the consoles, both good and bad.

miyamoto1304d ago (Edited 1304d ago )

"“A unique software experience can always be realized with unique hardware that has a unique interface.”

Isn't this the same statement Mr. Iwata said before that the "U" in Wii U stands for "unique" ?

So what happened to that "uniqueness"?

Or did they meant "unique"="gimmi cks"?

Oh wait!.... maybe the "U" stands for "underpowered"?

I have lost respect when he called the millions of casual gamers and soccer moms who made them successful with the Wii and DS as "pathetic".

Just because casual gamers did not become hardcore gamers does not give him the right to call their attitude as pathetic.

People has the right to choose their form of entertainment.

Maybe he should have asked why people quickly bought and quickly deserted the Wii instead of calling them pathetic.

Nintendo has underestimated the intelligence of the masses like what Microsoft did with the Xbox One no wonder the same thing happens to the Wii U.

The casuals have seen through Nintendo's schemes.

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BrandanT1304d ago (Edited 1304d ago )

I hope people stop thinking Nintendo fans are casuals now.
I started with Nintendo and staying with Nintendo.

ape0071304d ago

yep the moment i give up on nintendo is the moment they lose it as a developer, if they gave me a bad generic mario game or DK game or starfox etc..

the last time i checked, they still got it

LightDiego1304d ago (Edited 1304d ago )

Great to know. Having a Nintendo device is a tradition.

NintySonySoft1304d ago

I always have a spot for nintendo, they paved way for a lot of us gamers now!

wonderfulmonkeyman1304d ago (Edited 1304d ago )

I wish that the idiots out there who think Nintendo would find anywhere close to the same level of success in mobile squares or on other consoles that they do on their own consoles, with their games, would just read this and give up hope of ever seeing Nintendo drop out of making consoles of their own volition.

I'm already well and truly sick of the repeated requests for Nintendo games on anything other than Nintendo's consoles, considering Nintendo's games on other consoles would be treated EXACTLY like how watered-down third party ports are being treated on the Wii U.

Gamers on those other devices already have games/franchises they place far higher in importance than the next Mario game.[which they would likely insult and downplay as "casual rehashed crap" regardless]
Mario would sell like crap on any console other than Nintendo.
Hence, it's good to hear Nintendo put its plumber-sized boots down, AGAIN, in a firm declaration of their dedication to continuing their own console line.

This is how it should remain forevermore.

DryBoneKoopa851304d ago

Well said! I choose Nintendo consoles over anything else. Born and raised to love Nintendo. I wish them nothing but success for the future.

ABizzel11304d ago

I think going mobile or on other consoles (specifically mobile) would be beneficial for software sales, but I would hate for that to happen to Nintendo.

I do think their next console should simply be their handheld that can easily sync to your TV. Their consoles simply haven't been financially successful for them (excluding Wii), however, their handhelds have been breakaway hits.

The power for console gaming on a mobile / handheld device is already here with Tegra K1, in another 2 - 3 years mobile will out power the Wii U, thus giving Nintendo the chance to have a high-end handheld at an affordable price ($199). NVIDIA's new Shield is a testament to that.

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