The future of Destiny: Bungie talks contracts, sequels, side projects and Halo

The prophesied "best-selling new IP in history". A new take on the idea of persistent online. The largest multiplayer console beta ever. An estimated 10 years of work, including post-launch support and possible sequels. Bungie's first new game since quitting Microsoft and Halo. Activision's most significant investment since the original Call of Duty.

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ShowGun9011453d ago

Loved the beta, cant wait for the 9th! Personally i thought the Crucible was a blast! me and my clan will see yall there!

side note, i think this game is getting alot of crap, and it would be getting a free pass if it was the new Halo... I think Bungee created alot of hatred 'round these parts by going multi-plat.

Software_Lover1453d ago

Please!!!!! Don't even try to start that bullcrap. People on both sides praise the game. People on both sides dislike the game for various reasons. It's probably 70% praise, 30% dislike........ and yes, I just pulled those numbers out of my @r$e.

Budobear1453d ago

Your numbers are spot on....though I did read somewhere that 86% of stats are made up! (like mine)

ShowGun9011453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

see, thats the thing... i dont think 30% of people disliked it, or we'd be seeing a major backtrack by bungee right now...

lets put it this way, the "vocal minority" ticked off by the Tomb Raider timed exclusivity is probably less than 10% of gamers... if i really had to guess, I'd say... 03%. thats being generous. that topic generated MUCH more negativity than Destinys had in general, cause lets face it, this site blew up that week.

now to be generous, lets say the same amount "disliked" destiny... thats nowhere near 3/10... thats 3/10 every 10 times... the point isn't that any of these (mine OR yours) number are accurate, the point is about the "vocal minority"...

when you come here (the internets), it seems like "everybody" has an opinion about these things... but lots and lots of people dont... heck, one of my buddies STILL thinks the WiiU is an add-on for the Wii... theres a SMALL minority that have a problem with everything! I bet PvZ garden warfare is gonna sell lots on the ps4, even though we bitch and moan about Micro-transactions on N4G... why? because we're about 4 dozen people, while 200mil pretty much DONT CARE...

most of the people who really enjoyed destiny ARE NOT on this site saying how much they liked it, they're just gonna go buy it... case in point, i know 3 other people getting it day 1, all of which have never even HEARD of this site...

(not saying critizisms of destiny are perhaps invalid, just saying they arent represented proportionally accurate to the general public!)

CorndogBurglar1453d ago

60% of the time, made up stats are right 100% of the time.


I don't thats true..

it's just one of those games that seems to be a bit of a mixed back.

Everyone was hyped at first. When the first footage came through it kind of got the mixed views of good to average.

After many played the beta, they got hyped for it again.

Then all the info came out about the size of the game and the map etc and it lost it's edge again.

after all the talk about how "massive" it was going to be, ya we know some of that is going to be in DLC, but still a lot were expecting a bit more then it seems the final game will offer.

sirmoneyshot1453d ago

im still excited for this game and i cant wait till the 9th. i read somewhere though that the reason they went with 30fps is because they wanted the experience to be the same across all platforms. i really wish they wouldn't have done that because after playing several games at 60fps it really does make a difference imo.

i know some people will say that 30fps is fine, and more power to them but the fact is that both the next gen consoles could have done 1080p 60fps if it wasnt for the last gen holding them back.

ChuckTheIceMan1453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

Any game you can play with friends is an automatic plus. I enjoyed the alpha and the beta but the quests were very repetitive and I can't see me playing long if there is any amount of grinding those quests. Also If I have to backtrack through the same building constantly I won't be happy.

I couldn't care less about 30fps or 60fps.

pyrocloud71453d ago

After playing the Beta do I think Destiny will be the next great game, talked about for the ages? Not really. I am sure, however, that Destiny will be a fun game, one which I will definitely get my $60 worth out of.

What is with this explosion of resolution and FPS talk since this gen started? Last gen we got mostly 720P, some barely able to hold 30 FPS, and no one complained. I prefer higher resolution and more going on in the game over 60FPS any day.

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