Nintendo "talked about the possibility" of featuring Mario in Splatoon

At one point, Nintendo "talked about the possibility" of featuring Mario as the main player character in Splatoon.

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AWBrawler1302d ago

i'm glad they went with the inklings

TekoIie1302d ago

Yeh I'd rather Splatoon be its own thing.

AWBrawler1302d ago

and if they market it right, splatoon could be just as big as their other mainstays and maybe even get a 3ds sequel

Kalebninja1302d ago

Its floods time to shine

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1302d ago (Edited 1302d ago )

I think they should go the Mario Kart 8 route and make Mario early DLC content.

Otherwise I fear that the Inklings will get overrun by the Mushroom Kingdom.

-If they add Mario DLC- It may be cook if they later divide squads by Nintendo Character Kingdoms instead of colors.

IE Metroid-Inklings-Mushroom Kingdom-Hyrule-Advance Wars-Fire Emblem-Animal Crossing...