$60 USD or $130 AUD: Why I'm not paying the Australia Tax for Destiny

Steve Wright -- "The news that Destiny can now be pre-loaded on Xbox One has extra repercussions than just being plain ol' awesome. It now means I can cancel my $130 AUD EB Games pre-order and hit up the US-based Xbox Games Store to get the game and all of its pre-order bonuses for just $60 USD."

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AgentSmithPS41238d ago

I support sending US troops into Australia to liberate gamers from the evil-doers that allow games to be sold for that much!

Palitera1238d ago

Is there enough oil there to justify a liberation?

MRMagoo1231238d ago

we dont have any oil in Australia, and I really dont think the US has enough money at the moment to afford even more troops, they cant even afford free health care.

FarEastOrient1238d ago (Edited 1238d ago )

Thanks to China, American troops are in Australia right now. Ask to have an American AAFES built and have the solders sell you the games after they bought them on base. AAFES uses stateside prices.

Fullbucket1238d ago

Since when did we have no oil?

1238d ago
meatysausage1238d ago (Edited 1238d ago )

who woudnt want free health care, whether your a millionare or broke, everyone gets the same benefits. You seriously sound like an idiot. I dont know what its like in the US, but if i got really sick, at least i know ill be looked after

SilentNegotiator1238d ago

Let's find out. We'll make it an adventure.

TekoIie1238d ago (Edited 1238d ago )


You're thinking it through too much. We've got to act while we're in the moment. No time for rational decision making!

@ZORDON @MRMagoo123

You two took this way too personally.

donthate1238d ago


We are going way off topic, but there is no such thing as "free" health care. Somebody is always paying for it!

You or whoever is working is paying a chunk out of their taxes to subsidize free healthcare.

The US is built upon the belief that "you reap what you sow", which means it rewards working people. Unfortunately, in recent times we turned into a socialist country and significant increased government corruption.

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MRMagoo1231238d ago

Hmmm thats guys eb games must be ripping ppl off, its only 90 or something at the ones I have seen, but thats ps4 who knows.

LightDiego1238d ago

@MRMagoo123: money? Invade Australia is really easy.

C-H-E-F1237d ago

Ehh US Troops though.. how about convincing the US to send their Allies... our troops are already in nearly every nick and cranny of this Earth...lOl.

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HaydoThePotato1238d ago

EB games Australia.. There's your problem.

Starbucks_Fan1238d ago

Wonder if the AUS government at some point will prevent this :/

Are all electronic stuff there really expensive compared to other countries?

ShaunCameron1238d ago

What makes you think they're interested in doing that? They have a lot to gain from higher prices.

ghostface91238d ago

People in Australia should just keep buying digital either the companies will figure it out and drop their prices or go bankrupt

Buzz7S1238d ago

Digital prices in Australia isn't any better. :p

ghostface91237d ago

you should do what the guy in the articles did and switch your region to us

BlackWolf121238d ago

Internet speeds in this country don't allow us to have an all digital set up.

meatysausage1238d ago

Im from Australia and I just bought it for pre-order for 70$

1) Its not like EB games is an Australian Business, its Gamestop.

2) Ozgameshop is seriously the best place to order your games, never had an issue.

3) Prices on PSN and Xbox live are really not that much better at all, basically the same as EB

HaydoThePotato1238d ago

Exactly. Ozgameshop, dungeon crawl, even JB HiFi have decent prices. I honestly do not know 1 person who chooses EB as their preffered game store here in AUS, the prices are terrible.

meatysausage1238d ago

EB/Gamestop is for people who have no idea about games, basically parents and casuals who dont care. Thats how I look at it.
If your spending anywhere near 100$, your doing it way wrong

Benchm4rk1238d ago (Edited 1238d ago )

I buy all my games from EB. I dont live in a big city so I don't really have another option but I also dont ever pay full price for a game. EB games price match competition. I just walk in and find the game I want and right there in store pull my phone out and do a quick online search for other shops prices and show the worker there and game for me. I got watchdogs at launch for $68. Even Destiny is only $74 when you get it price matched with Target and $69.98 from Dick Smiths

Toxic-zombie1238d ago

Ozgameshop has increased their prices since they got popular about 2 years ago and is now a ripoff for the 2 weeks it takes your game to arrive.
I get most of my games form dicksmith. Paid $60 for destiny and $45 for the last of us remasted.

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