One Year and a PS4 Version After, Final Fantasy XIV is an Amazing Success Story that Makes Me Smile

Today marks the first anniversary of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, and it has been a hell of a ride.

Yet, for many the ride started a lot earlier than on August 27th, 2013. Three years before, on September 22nd, 2013, Square Enix released the original Final Fantasy XIV, and all hell broke loose.

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lovethenoob1487d ago

This game is amazing and I am very happy they went back and completely revamped the game. By far one of my most favorite mmo's.

blackblades1487d ago

Couple of my friends be on it all the time like everyday allday. Another friend says its boring but he be on cod all the time. I played the beta it was good, but my friends was on another server which sucks. Main reason I don't have it is because the subcription, i'm not paying it.

Provolone241487d ago

Thank...thank you...for your...input.......

Magicite1487d ago

Square Enix got itself redeemed.

Dabigsiebowski1487d ago

Super good game, I just recently got a girlfriend and can no longer keep up with this, but for a pure MMORPG or Final Fantasy lover this game for sure fills that void.

Voozi1487d ago

Disagree. How dare you get a girlfriend.

Gohadouken1487d ago

I'm not sure how having a girlfriend prevents you from playing ... some of us even got kids lol ..

But good for you

Dabigsiebowski1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

Ha, well this game burns time and I loved the world I was enthralled upon considering I have 4 Max level classes and Ilvl98 gear on my PLD burning through CoB turns 6-8. Game is too much for her to play with and it isn't fun when all my attention is towards that which the game requires.

I've sorta bounced back into my traditional gaming habits and invoked my girlfriend who is a next to non gamer to spend 30 hours plus on Rogue Legacy in a single week on my Vita. She and I both have a PS4 and are playing LoU: Remastered Story as an alternative to Netflix.

I will cry the day FFXV comes out and she know's this.. Which is hot!

Gohadouken1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

Dont worry was just funly poking at ya . Of course compromises and sacrifices got to be made ... as long as you can keep your hobbies safe at an healthy amount .

After all , them ladies dont exactly drop their hobbies to spend all their time with their lover either , right ?

dadz1487d ago

Love this game, got it cheap too on PSN and the community is awesome :D

Reaon1487d ago

It really is. I played WildStar until a week ago, then I got this game. The difference in the community is like night and day. On the WS forums, every other topic is about how the game is going F2P, or how it's failing, or just how terrible the game is (even though it's a pretty solid MMO). The FFXIV forums and community are much more friendly and positive despite some of the flaws.

Guess it helps that FFXIV is more for "casuals" compared to WS which is more for the "hardcore" (terms used very loosely). It attracts a certain type of people.

Myze1487d ago

The game is a lot of fun till you hit max level. Leveling a second class is fairly boring and very repetitive, and unlike most MMOs, since you do it on the same character, you can't level near as fast as your first fighting class. Also, comparing to other major MMOs, the amount of content is low and the world is quite small.

The negatives I feel may be only something I experience, since I was level 50 on WHM, Pugilist, Marauder, Botanist, Mining, Alchemy and Culinarian, all within the first month of ARR release. I had done most of the endgame dungeons, with the exception of that last one with Bahamut (forgot the name, some spire). I probably just did too much too fast, and got burnt out (especially mining-botany), and I haven't seen or read about anything new that even comes close to compelling me to come back.

Baka-akaB1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

You can actually level way faster a second class imo , since you're not "wasting" time with most quest and storylines and purely leveling in fates , levequests or dungeons .

Besides nothing prevents you from starting completely over on a new second char , instead of leveing up full on a second class .

Even keeping a single char , you could have done quests from other starting areas if you didnt hunt them all down .

And yeah i disagree on the content thing as well , you definitively burned and rushed through it if you're a 50 in 3 fighting classes and 4 gathering/crafting ones within a single month .

You'd have the same issue and be left with solely end game raiding and grind while waiting for more content patches and further expansions , in any other mmorpg , when you rush like that

Redempteur1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

I disagree Myze , First leveling a second class is actually faster since you know the maps , have accès to a bunch a new things (chocobos , better guildleves , more money )
If you were playing near the 2.0 release it was EVEN FASTER thanks to the FATE grinding.

The world is not that large BUT the amount of content is very huge, you should get back to it since the story has advanced since then and they added lots of things since the 2.0 release.

And yeah you burned you out by yourself. i've spend 5 months in this games i have 5 classes at lv 50 with gear lv 90+ and i still haven't finished all the challenges the game threw at me. IN term of content , FF14 ARR is definitly up to par with many MMOs after 1 year. NOt only we have guild housing, chocobo breeding, the tribes quests , the very hard end game dongeons (24 players necessary ) , the Pvp , the battle royale Pvp ( 72 players ),The monsters HUNTS , the sightseeing missions, the hildibrand sidequest ( featuring gilgamesh and ultros ! ) and the list goes on.
There is stuff to do, no doubt about it !

Myze1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

I don't doubt my experience is different from most, because, like I said, I played too much at once.

I was wrong about leveling a second fighting class, but I think that's just because it definitely FELT a lot longer, since it's pretty much a repetitive grind if you want to level quickly, not having direction with quests and such to help ease things along. You mention the FATE grinding, that's what I did at the time. Not sure if there is something different now to level with.

As for content, I'm mainly referring to the fact that with about two more weeks of play I could have had all classes (melee/magic ones, anyway) to 50, and would have likely seen all the content available to see. Sure, it would take a bit longer to grind gear for everyone except my WHM (my main at the time), but compared to some other games, it really left me with a sense of not having much else to do. Just as an example, I couldn't imagine leveling every class to max and gearing them all out without buying level ups in WoW (GW2 would be slower as well...I know because I have most five maxed classes in that one). Don't get me wrong, I got my money's worth (didn't even pay for the monthly) by a large margin.

Honestly, it's more along the lines of I'm not trying to find a reason to come back (or to WoW, with the expansion coming). I got too much work to do and other things and don't have enough time to spend on an MMO (I'll probably play Destiny very casually). If I played one, I would end up spending too much time, like I usually do. It's why I skipped Wildstar. Always glad when other people enjoy a game though, since that's what they are there for.

Redempteur1487d ago

Fate grinding is a brute force way of doing things that nobody does now because we have plenty of other content to do now. rest assured that the game has changed.

Baka-akaB1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

Your comparison with other games doesnt work imo . Rushing through you'd do everything in even Wow circa release and launch too , in that one month . And it's worse in GW1 and 2 . Most games dont even feature as much content as WoW (or ff11 or 14 for that matter) at launch .

It's the nature of the game , there is no way to keep up with people that go over content that quickly , besides tedious grinding in pvp or pve . I too am looking for reasons to stick around after doing roughly everything i cared to , wich is why i'll mostly pop up for expansions or new classes