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The Walking Dead Season 2 Finale Review - The Gamer Headlines

Coming off of a slow, filler fourth episode with Amid The Ruins, Telltale Games was looking to close out the second season of its episodic The Walking Dead adventure with Episode 5: No Going Back. (iPad, iPhone, PS Vita, PS3, The Walking Dead: Season 2 - Episode 5 "No Going Back", Xbox 360) 9/10

TXIDarkAvenger  +   156d ago
I don't think I'm heartless but did anyone really care for the characters that died in S2? Most deaths in S1 felt more powerful. Still a great season nonetheless.
shadow18spirit  +   156d ago
I agree with you , the only deaths i cared for was in episode 5 .
Max_Chiasson  +   156d ago
yup! Made the same point in my review. Nothing comes close to S1's death.
JMPetrequin  +   156d ago
Disagree, only because I decided to prioritize a select few people within the group as my core people to watch out for from episode 1. (I did the same thing in season 1) All three of the people I chose in that way ended up dying, and that was kind of painful.
Nerdmaster  +   156d ago
I liked Omid.
Ozmoses  +   156d ago
I liked it for what it was. But I couldn't help notice the lack of actual scenario movements. It was pretty forward just moving Clem from A to B..

most of the other episodes seemed to have another little puzzle element or a trigger. It felt like I breezed through Episode 5..

as for the deaths.. it was eh... I saw it coming I suppose. It didn't really do anything for me. Maybe a few slight emotions but not much.
WitWolfy  +   156d ago
The finale WASNT that great, kinda of a let down compared to the ending of the first season..

I wont lie though, I did get nostalgia at the season 1 flashback near the end...
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Jyndal  +   156d ago
Say what you want, I'm on pins and needles to see how season 3 starts off, and if Clementine is still the focal point of the series.

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