Will Tablet Gaming Supersede Consoles Within Five Years?

Following market research firm's Juniper's claims that tablet gaming will be worth $13.3 billion in 2019, Grab It debates what that will mean for the console space.

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SlappingOysters1419d ago

I guess it comes down to definition of suerpsede. In sales? It already has. Angry Birds has sold like 500m copies or something. And Minecraft Pocket Edition is outpacing Xbox edition I believe.

In gamer interest though, I doubt it.

Kingthrash3601419d ago (Edited 1419d ago )

No buttons?
No thanks.
IMO at least.
For every angry birds level game theirs like 2,449,587 other shovel ware games.
Not to mention how frequently tablet's are released. IPad is on what, 4 already? In what 6-7 years....thats one console cycle.

sonarus1419d ago

500million at 99c a piece doesn't touch the kind of revenue generated by the likes of grand theft auto. I dnt think the market for consoles or pc will fade because not everyone is into hand held gaming and phones and ipads are straight up hand held gaming

CoyoteHunter1419d ago

Maybe add a reason why you don't think so? Hard to argue with the trend...

coffinxnails1419d ago

Tablet gaming will easily go past console gaming due to how many people own tablets.

The market for tablet gaming is going to be larger audience because most people buy tablets for other reasons, the addidtion of gaming is just icing on the cake.

It doesn't really matter though because most of the games on tablets are all little snacks that you lay here and there for 15-20 minutes at a time while gaming on a console is like eating a full meal of content where I can sit down and play for 8 hours at a time.

HighResHero1419d ago (Edited 1419d ago )

First it depends on how you define gaming.
In overall user count there may be more people playing "games" on tablets than consoles but it really is a different market.
Consoles, PCS, and Laptops should always have a power advantage though, because of tablet's thermal, battery, and space limitations. It isn't physically possible for tablets to catch of to PCS or consoles unless it is deliberately done or revolutionary tech emerges.
Also, devices that are build specifically for hardcore gaming will continue to have other advantages because of their focus.
I'm not interested in android "gaming" personally and have a laptop that not only will smoke any tablet easily, but has a better game library, better controls, etc.
Tablets are just catching up to 8 year old consoles power wise.

Funantic11419d ago

There will be a day when you'll be able to hook the tablet up to the tv and plug controllers into the tablet.

Knightshade1419d ago

I agree, no. Battery life + a game like Dragon Age + touch controls = nooooo thank you.

DevilOgreFish1419d ago

Knightshade "
I agree, no. Battery life + a game like Dragon Age + touch controls = nooooo thank you."

you can hook up an xb1 controller to tablet via mini usb.

just saying there are ways around certain things.

edqe1419d ago

Battery life is a problem only when tablet is used mobile. At home the tablet could be attached to charger/dock while playing more demanding games. Computing power is not a problem anymore especially if playing "console games" (GPU heavy, not CPU)

Tablets has already excellent games like Baldur's Gates and King of Dragon Pass - both better than Dragon Age.

Timesplitter141419d ago

I think tablet gaming has already taken over. I can't spend a single day without seeing at least 5 middle-aged moms playing Candy Crush in the bus

BG115791419d ago

World wide, it's the portable consoles and pc gaming that are suffering from this competition.

HighResHero1419d ago (Edited 1419d ago )

3DS is breaking all kinds of records and people who are truly interested in "hardcore" PC gaming generally have no interest in tablet gaming.
People who pick tablets over gaming laptops/pcs usually aren't buying them for gaming, because tablets are vastly inferior spec wise(etc.) so they will likely be playing casual games and not always frequently.

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Cookiebex1419d ago

Quality over quantity. I enjoy my mobile games, but the console games are a different kettle of fish. A lot of people bought Britney Spears albums once upon a time.. never meant that she was better than music with guitars and real talent though

HighResHero1419d ago

Also notice she doesn't sell as many records as she used to, although she did make a lot of money when she was trendy and new to the arena. That doesn't mean she won't have a comeback hit once in a while, etc. but time will tell. (analogy of course)

jdiggitty1418d ago

She has a permanent show in Vegas. She's probably making more money than ever now

Cookiebex1418d ago

Vegas is where "talent" goes to retire

GdaTyler1419d ago

Maybe handheld consoles, but home consoles are here to stay.

bosoxs5051419d ago

I can see handheld consoles dying.

mediate-this1419d ago

No reason why both cant coexist. I personally am never going to game serious on a tablet or a phone. I like play on my massive screen, but alot of younger kids are into tablets. My fourvyear old daughter can work a smart phone amd tablet so good, its just the younger kids evolution of gaming.

Alot of older people my age and older play consoles, im 28 btw

LightDiego1419d ago

I like my tablet, but not for gaming. It's okay to create games for the platform, but don't forget about consoles. Sadly, in Japan, IOS is taking over.

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