New Fatal Frame: The Black Haired Shrine Maiden Details

New information about Fatal Frame for the Wii U emerges, and it sounds pretty awesome.

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equal_youth1450d ago

ok now talking about scary games :D that is so awesome. bring on the wester release date and i will not fight my excitement for this.

gangsta_red1450d ago

Nintendo is bringing that heat!

lilbroRx1450d ago

I hope they put a little bit more effort into the graphics. That trailer they showed before didn't look any better than Fatal Frame 2 on the Wii aside from the lights and water.

I will certainly like being able to move around in open areas. no more fighting ghosts in narrow corridors where they initiate attacks from behind walls preventing you from being able to take action to dodge them.

Inception1450d ago

I wonder if this have some connection with FF IV. I mean, FF I, II, and III had connections like letters and characters (with FF III act as the finale for all FF I - III characters).

VsAssassin1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

This is the one game that makes me want to buy a Wii-U; this and Zelda/Mario.

On the side note: I don't know what kind of fashion-culture Japan has at the moment among women, but isn't it high time to somehow lessen the sexy wardrobe and lean more towards game location-appropriate?

I've seen the damp, swampy areas in the game, and most women won't even dare wear skimpy outfits like that. But who knows? Maybe they weren't supposed to be in this place to begin with. A club perhaps?

Pozzle1450d ago

I gotta admit, I chuckled when the girl in the trailer went to the forest to search for the missing girl IN THE RAIN...and she chose to wear short-shorts, a shirt without shoulders, and heeled boots. Probably not the most practical outfit for muddy forest exploring. lol

yugioh201450d ago

Exactly.Why do Japanese too like short skirt or skimpy outfit. Beautiful? I don't see like this. Depending on each cases that it is beautiful or not. Example, one nobel girl can't wear clothes too sexy, she will look as a bitch. Disappoint !

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