Whatever Happened To: Breath of Fire?

A look at Capcom's past during the heyday of the Breath of Fire franchise, and what players can expect to look forward to in the near future.

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kingdip901487d ago

I think the magic of the breath of fire series is the idea that some kind of "higher power". be it a demon posing as a god and founding a religion that takes advantage of its followers to become more powerful, or an emperor who thinks he knows what's best for the people can be viewed in such a way that the gamer can see their point of view as valid while still understanding why the main team want to change of prevent what is happening.

The protagonist usually just wakes up and decides to fight for what he thinks is right all the way to the end and as such can be seen as both a liberator and a great evil at the same time. It offers an interesting perspective on the notion of good and evil, selfish and altruistic, and right and wrong.

Then dragon quarter happened... and cap com being much more corporate than it once was looked at the profit that game didn't make and wrote off a whole series and excellent lore as a result as the franchise was no longer a money maker in their eyes.

man what I wouldn't give for breath of fire remakes and a sequel that stays true to its jrpg roots and themes of a society rising again from a great fall.