Destiny: New Video Showcases PlayStation-Exclusive Maps, Guns, Gear

By Sid Shuman: "With Bungie’s epic shooter Destiny hitting PS4 and PS3 with a mountain of PlayStation-exclusive maps, guns, and gear, we’ve compiled an in-depth video that outlines exactly what you’ll get come September 9th"

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xHeavYx1426d ago

Can't wait for this game

uptownsoul1426d ago

Getting that sleek white bundle…Can't Wait -- In my best Bart Scott voice

BeardedPriest1425d ago

More or less than bloodborne?

xHeavYx1425d ago (Edited 1425d ago )

That's like asking which kid I love more (if I had kids, lol) you silly banana
Both games are different but both will be great

-Foxtrot1426d ago

I was always under the impression the exclusive Playstation stuff had at least one map...and by that I mean a location on a planet for either story or side missions.

This just seems to show exclusive maps for competitive multiplayer modes

GusBricker1426d ago

Just the Dust Palace Strike, which to me, is the only thing worthwhile in the exclusive deal.

-Foxtrot1426d ago

Oh so it does...not much though

I mean you have a co-op main game why add online modes aswell. It's something they could of done for DLC.

I would of rather had a much longer story with more locations to visit on Planets.

nX1426d ago (Edited 1426d ago )

Variety... I know it's hard to imagine but there are people out there that enjoy playing these online modes with their own customized characters.

Enemy1426d ago

The armors look amazing.
The MP map looks really good.
The white PS4 = *unzips*

averagejoe261426d ago

I actually lol'd at the "unzip"

Good job mate

MasterCornholio1426d ago


Mommy the nasty man showed me his ding dong.


SolidGear31426d ago

Omg, ding ding .. ::dies from choking on a nutty bar from laughing::

user74029311426d ago

the ultimate destiny experience is only on playstation.

GusBricker1426d ago

Do you get the gear automatically?

Enemy1426d ago

They said available at launch so probably.

--Onilink--1426d ago

it doesnt mean that you dont have to purchase it in game... who knows how it will be. They all seem pretty high level though.

GusBricker1425d ago

Or maybe you'll get them for completely the exclusive dust palace strike.

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The story is too old to be commented.