EA Sports skates to perfection with NHL 15 demo

EA Sports released the demo for NHL 15 yesterday, and as good as Madden 15 is, it would be crazy to think the hockey title didn't steal some spotlight.

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EvilWay1301d ago

Love this game. Have played the demo more than Madden and Metro

Fasttrack761300d ago

Looking forward to the early release , loving the demo

Whisperz1300d ago

Lol! Obviously you guys have not done your home work.As a long time NHL fan it disgust me to know NHL 15 will no longer have GM Connected, Online Team Play, or EASHL which are the 3 most played modes by NHL players at least on the next gen consoles. Sorry but we are truly not in the next gen if anything we are taking steps backwards.

bobkirb121300d ago

Agree 110%. As a loyal fan of the series since 07, it is like a slap in the face to next gen owners not having these modes.

On top of that the demo is not impressive at all. It looks absolutely gorgeous don't get me wrong but what in the world happened to the skill stick?? It is basically non existent now. The physics are a little ridiculous and movement is just off to me.

I'll be picking it up new for last gen and maybe (maaaaybe) used for next gen after the OTP patch.

billybehr1300d ago

Definitely like the presentation with NBC. Controls feel pretty good too. I'm still using a 720p TV from several years ago and the graphics are still noticeably better. Can't wait to have that upgraded and experience the great graphics in all their glory!

DefenderOfDoom21300d ago

Well, if their is no online team play, that stinks ! Also, is EA putting their demos , behind a paywall ? Is their no demo for MADDEN 15, and NHL 15, on my PS3 because SONY did want the EA ACCESS ?

SuperBlur1300d ago

EA sports is done releasing demos on old gen

OTP will be patched in shortly after launch , it'll be with nhl players tho rather then created one.