Microsoft may be making a portable - PSP is cautionary tale.

On the road to making a portable gaming device/media center, Microsoft is looking towards the PSP for advice on what NOT to do.

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Condoleezza Rice3839d ago

lol,I laugh at companies that think taking on a Nintendo hand held is a matter of sidestepping another companies mistake.

Here's the hard truth;Nintendo have yet to release a hand held(and not a hand held revision)that has failed.So if you think Sony selling over 35 million PsPs is a failure of a sort,then you thought wrong.

Hydrolex3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

I actually need a pair of shoes.

Microsoft will join the fashion one day. Jumping from Software to electronics and fashion

Microsoft was a software maker. Now it's also makes electronics. So you better wait for their Airplane one day. --->

Just estimating

nintendojunkie283839d ago

Very good point condi ...the zune hasn't even tackled the ipod yet..nor will it...ever.I can't see it taking on ninty's handhelds as well."They want to perfect music before video, and video before gaming" ....seems gaming is dead last on the list,not much initiative to go out and buy a zune that plays games.

Microsoft handheld vs. nintendo=FAIL

MikeGdaGod3839d ago

they should find out how to make things that don't catch on fire

reaferfore203838d ago

It's going to be just like the current console war. Sony and Microsoft battling each other for second while Nintendo laughs their arses off and drinks expensive champagne with their caviar.

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Hydrolex3839d ago


Xbox 360
Zune failed

now it's
XBP's term to fail

Microsoft loves to lose money instead of donating

whoknew3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

And you love smoking crack with Amy Winehouse so that makes you worst.

Homicide3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

Zune is a flop. It only sold 1 million compared to 100 million iPods sold.

360's RROD caused MS to loose money. That's what you get for rushing a system.

Vista is terrible. The only reason many people have it is because it's pre-installed. XP forever!

Hydrolex3839d ago

Vista didn't fail
Xbox 360 3 red rings of death are joke
Zune doesn't suck ! It kicks Ipods butt

and yes I'm smoking chronik

BLaZiN PRopHeT3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

Vista has sold more then XP in the same amount of time.
xbox 360 is currently in second place and is one of the 2 console holders that is making money.
Zune is the second best selling MP3 player in the market.

Do you people even look up stuff before you spit or crap from what you call a mouth?

Go ahead and disagree all you want it doesnt change the fact that what i said is the truth and what your saying is bullsh1t

Hydrolex3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

You son of a crap make me laugh bro !

@ Zune the second best selling MP3. Well there are only 2 choices out there that people can buy. first, Ipod and second Zune. so Zune fails. If there were 300 brands like Ipod and Zune was the second then that would sounds AWESOME. No one really gives a sh!t to other MP3 players out there.

@ Xbox 360 the second making money ? ! FAIL BROTHA FAIL.

Wii first, PS3 second, Xbox 360 third ! Microsoft is losing $$$$ on 3 Red ring of sh!t.

It's like being the 3rd winner when there are only 3 peopl racing.

YESSS moma I was the 3rd mother f**ker at the school and the race was between only 3 people.

Bladestar3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

@BLaZiN PRopHeT - of course they don't why do you think I call them Sony leg humpers? brainless leg humpers...

They call vista a failure yet it has a larger installbase than any non-windows OS... Zune position itself to the #2 MP3 player which include sony MP3 players and everyother one in the market... how about the xbox 360.. such of a failure that it lead the PS3 by 6,000,000+ in the US... and it's profitable...

"Well there are only 2 choices out that people buy an MP3" ohh lord... let's ignore this fool... he actually believe that only two companies make MP3 players... Microsoft and apple... that only two MP3 players exist in the world... ignorant... stop wasting bandwidth...

Homicide3839d ago

You poor thing. The Zune is doing terrible compared to it's competitor. Vista sucks. 360 will be in last place.

Light Yagami3839d ago

PSP is also an mp3 player. PSP > Zune.

BLaZiN PRopHeT3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

Continue to believe what you want. you have no idea how stupid you look with the stuff you say.

i mean serious do you really think theres only 2 MP3 players on the market? You know your beloved company sony does make an MP3 player also right?

Yes MS is making money why dont you go look at their financial statements.

come on everyone knows the ps3 is in third no matter how much of a blind fanboy you are that isnt gonna change for now.

Morons like you should of all been swallowed by your mothers.

Snukadaman3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

besides a Ipod what other mp3 players are well known...zune has a commercial almost every night on conan o'brien..with all new computers having vista installed you have to guess they are doing pretty good. the psp makes for a lousy portable mp3 player...the thing is too bulky (this is the slim) to fragile and from what I have been experiencing from the last firmware updates is terrible bouts of the music player freezing.

GiantEnemyCrab3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

and to think there are 10 people that agreed with this fool.

I can't really say anything else that you guys didn't already correct with this FUD.

We need a "Report as Stupid" button added to N4G.

Telmarine3839d ago


Actually, Vista sold more because more people had computers during Vistas time than XP's time

*if* Zune is the second best selling MP3 player, then iPod must be seriously raping the market, since for ever 1 zune sold, there were 100 iPods sold.

Thoas3838d ago

LMAOOO Xbox portable gets the RSOD Red screen of death.

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freediro3839d ago

i dont see what they could make that would revolutionize hand held gaming so much people would flock to it and continue to buy it? and when i think MS portable handheld system i dont exactly think small.

BLaZiN PRopHeT3839d ago

fully integrated with XBLVM and XBLA. you can play your arcade games on zune and watch movies from the market place on it. also this is done wirelessly. just my idea on something they could do.

fezthabest3839d ago

psp's got that and more, instead of just arcade games, psp can play arcade games and most of PS1 titles. It can go on the web, stream, etc. So it wouldn't revolutionize anything, it would just go with the flow

bama3839d ago

Sorry I think he meant legally. You can't play PS1 games on your PSP legally.

gunnerheadboy3839d ago

It's called the PSN, you buy PS1 titles of the PSN.

SmokingMonkey3839d ago

it's also called remote play!
put (i think) any ps1 game (chrono trigger, ffvii, megaman legends, plus many, MANY more) into your ps3 and you can play them through remote play. NICE
what if you got the RROD while connecting your M$ handheld to your 360 via a similar remote play function. just a thought.

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Light Yagami3839d ago

bladestar = Microsoft leg humper.

whoknew3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

Kill yourself by writing your name and the POS3 in your phucking death note.

juuken3838d ago

Lol Yagami, you struck a nerve there. Here, give whoknew this pacifier quick. He might stop crying once you do that. xD

g3nkie3839d ago

If the Zune has anything to say about M$ attempt at mobile devices.....the PSP will be fine..

DJ3839d ago

Just based on their track record, they'll probably call it the Grooker or the Xbox RAD.

GiantEnemyCrab3839d ago

and Blu and Qore are better names?? Maybe they just need to take a name and then spell it wrong and it will be cool?

LOL @ Xbox RAD that did give me a laugh

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