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Titanfall will keep getting new content regularly, but not for much longer

"Respawn Entertainment did a very good job at supporting Titanfall post-launch by adding new content on a regular basis. The game already has two DLC packs in the form of Expedition and Frontier’s Edge, with another one called IMC Rising scheduled to arrive later this Fall." (PC, Respawn Entertainment, TitanFall, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Enemy  +   58d ago
Looks like they're getting to focus on TitanFall 2, which will be multiplatform from day one. For their sake, I hope they're working on a SP campaign and more game modes. Their 60fps was a bit spotty too, especially inside a mech. The screen-tearing has to go too.
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WeAreLegion  +   58d ago
I'd love a campaign. These guys used to make some of the best campaigns in the industry.
FriedGoat  +   57d ago
They should try and make an original game instead of splicing ideas together.
4Sh0w  +   57d ago
Well I disagree, Titanfall was very refreshing shooter after the so-so KZSF, COD Ghost and BF4 shooters from launch. I still love Titanfalls gameplay, over any shooter so far this gen, I just think it needed alot more customization and more varied weapons.
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Flamingweazel  +   57d ago
BEst campaigns in the industry ROFL........Even by FPS standards theya re poor and outlandish...Bioshock, Borderlands, Halo, Gears, Uncharted and on anjd on all have far superior campaigns to name just a few.
abzdiine  +   57d ago
best campaigns? are you sure you played other than COD in your life?
WeAreLegion  +   57d ago
I'm talking about Call of Duty, Call of Duty 2, and Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. You know...three of the most innovative and copied campaigns in the history of the FPS?

By any standards, those were incredible campaigns.
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3-4-5  +   58d ago
Either Titanfall 2 or a different game.
lameguy  +   57d ago
Why a second titanfall game at all? Do something else.
dmitrijs88  +   57d ago
less than half year after release and one of this years most hyped games is nearly forgotten.
mhunterjr  +   57d ago
Define 'nearly forgotten'. It's still high on the sales charts, and one of the most played xbox one games to date...
ThePope  +   57d ago
To a PS Fanboy that's nearly forgotten shame. Also I don't remember it being announced as a multi plat. I'm not saying it isn't but people need to stop acting like its already announced. Whats really funny SO many PS fanboys have nothing but bad things to say about the game, but are the first to insist #2 is multi plat hahaha.

OT: I've loved every second of time I've spent playing Titanfall. A new IP can be hard to fully realize all ideas. IF they do Titanfall 2 it would be something else. Heck I'll play whatever they do.
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tgunzz  +   57d ago
@dmitrijs88, you sure?? because a half yr later we're still receiving content/playing in awesome match's, and receiving articles like this one...
alb1899  +   57d ago
Is the only game that me and my friends play.
xDHAV0K24x  +   57d ago
plenty of Gen 1 pilots on a daily basis and on 360 too
not_UKRsoldier  +   57d ago
Enemy - the screen tearing is pretty much gone already. And please, tell us more about the game, since you seem to know all the details about it being multiplatform...
BabyObama  +   57d ago
After the last update on x1 I did notice the screen tearing is pretty much gone
All I can say is thank god
That was my only problem
Love titanfall
Eonjay  +   58d ago
"regularly, but not for much longer"

That is an oxymoron.
GuruMeditation  +   57d ago
Not quite, an oxymoron would contradict. You can release regularly for five minutes or five years. But I get ur point.
Lord Maim  +   57d ago
Regularly does not indicate "in perpetuity". Something can be perfectly regular until it eventually stops.
4Sh0w  +   57d ago
Yeah, I mean it's a simple concept here's an example:

John is responsible for "regularly" updating the attendance roster "but not for much longer" thanks to new ID software being installed next month.

:) just kidding I'm sure he got the point already.
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chrissx  +   58d ago
These titanfall robos are getting on their last limbs. TTf2 which has a multiplatform probability in progress.
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not_UKRsoldier  +   57d ago
Getting on their last limbs. Much like your account here.
LogicalReason  +   58d ago
I really enjoyed Titanfall before they "rebalanced" everything and basically broke all my favorite weapons.

Other than that it just seemed to get repetitive. When I first got it I played constantly for like two weeks, loved the game, then just got over it and haven't really touched it since.

Maybe the second one will be better but I see this being some CoD or BF type game where the new one will come out with some new stuff but it'll basically be the same game and will get boring as well after a couple weeks.
Quicktim3  +   58d ago
makes sense, the titanfall community will dwindle to nothing after all these new AAA shooters hit the selves during holiday season.

time to focus on titanfall 2.
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yankolo  +   58d ago
If u get bored off titanfall..then u gotta hate call of duty ...I mean u play it like 2 days jajajajja...because all the cod are almost the same ...with more weapons than titanfall...
jdktech2010  +   57d ago
I'm sorry, I didn't realize this was a call of duty article. Here I was thinking I wasr eading about Titanfall only.

Meh, trolls aren't even trying anymore but I give you a C for effort so at least you passed.
jdktech2010  +   57d ago
I enjoyed Titanfall but just got tired of it about 15 hours in. I can't put my finger on what they need to do to lengthen the experience but I will stick with games if they interest me (played 4 days of Reach, 3 days of MW2, etc.)

It's got great potential so I hope they can really push the next game's tech and gameplay for Titanfall 2.
JeffGUNZ  +   57d ago
If they added COMPLETE customization, it would be great. Make everything extremely personal. Imagine 40 guns and all off them can have hundreds of options. Attachments, barrel swap outs, different grips, sites, skins, etc. Make the pilot deeply customizable. Be able to create your own titan from the ground up. If they add more weapons and a precedent of customization like we have never seen, it would be cool. Would also be nice to have the Kinect or PS Camera scan your face to the pilots face.
Xb1ps4  +   57d ago
That's what I was expecting with tf... And as I kept playing and playing and playing, cause it is a bad ass game, I started thinking like damn I can live with the cod vibe of it I like the formula but holy shit customization is so poor in this game..

This game needed a lot more content to warrant it not having a campaign I bought it to support a game that has a lot of potential I can forgive the game but I think they know what we expect the second one to have so deliver and I will buy it if not... If they don't do more customization, a lot more, that will be a sure bet on killing the franchise..

Tf is still better than any multiplayer shooter released so far..
700p  +   57d ago
Titanfall 2 please. With atleast a 10hour campaign.
2pacalypsenow  +   57d ago
Titan what?

Seriously i regret buying this game playing it for a day then uninstalled it got boring after a few hours
ATi_Elite  +   57d ago

solid game but not Blockbuster.

I prefer Hawken over Titanfall every single time.
not_UKRsoldier  +   57d ago
TheFallenAngel  +   57d ago
I think that the reason why the multiplayer didn't take off is because it doesn't have kill streaks. And it's not as deep as call of duty. It was fun but not something I would play for days or weeks.
DivoJones  +   57d ago
I liked Titanfall more than most, though my friends still tend to play CoD:Ghosts when it comes down to it, so I play that instead and it makes me a sad panda. I liked Titanfall, but they made some choices with it that gave me a bad feeling about it's long-term success.

Most people whine about the (lack of) campaign, which personally I could give two shits about. Know how much CoD:Ghosts campaign I've played to date? 0 mins and 0 seconds. How much Black Ops 2 campaign did I play while we're on the subject? 0 mins and 50 seconds.. I went to play campaign once and a friend got online and invited me to multi after 50 seconds of cutscene. And a good campaign would have quieted some of the initial criticisms I heard about it. But honestly, how long would that really satisfy players? A few hours?

Personally i'm glad it didn't have a campaign, as it essentially forced people into multiplayer. One of my bigger gripes about the FPS genre is how the players are split over game modes/map packs. Lets pick random numbers for an example. 5000.. so 5000 people are playing a game. Half play multi, half play campaign. So right off the bat, the player base is halved. 90% of the multiplayer ppl prefer TDM/kill mode.. but some don't. After you splice out game modes, hardcore/non, people who don't buy map packs you're stuck playing the same small numbers. Not in Titanfall.. everyone is in multiplayer lobbies.

But people lost interest. It was fun/new/fresh, but then it gets old. They needed to release the map packs faster, add more game modes, new titan(s), new guns.. something. To expect players to still be playing it a year+ out was crazy. Oh and it should've been $40.
ARESWARLORD  +   57d ago
Have it on xbone. got the titanfall bundle at launch. but just got it for pc on sale last week end and it is way better with no screen tearing and solid 60 fps. Its also totally playable with a 360 controller. its the better version and worth the $20
Father__Merrin  +   57d ago
I predicted this ages ago

after advanced warfare, destiny then battlefield hardline who will keep playing?
Ninver  +   57d ago
Dead within a year of release. So much for the revolution on fps genre
LogicalReason  +   57d ago
Look at all these disagrees to so many thoughtful and logical comments! And people call N4G a Sony fanboy site! LOL! I swear this place has more Xbox fanboys than any site I've seen. Can't say ANYTHING about the Xbox One or it's games without being voted into oblivion.

I thought Polygon was bad...I swear there are people here that have multiple accounts where all they do is down vote and report posts that make them cry.

I'll see this post flagged for trolling or some nonsense in 3...2...1...
Kingoftherodeo  +   57d ago
when titanfall 2 drops ps4 fanboys will jump on the bandwagon. since it will more likely not be exclusive they will stop hating
BabyTownFrolics  +   57d ago
It's a fun game
Jag-T1000  +   57d ago
It needs offline/online 2 player split screen or offline 4 player split screen.
I pop this game in once in a while and play 2 or 3 matches then switch games.
Thank God I payed $20 for this game because that's all it's worth.

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