Rare talks Nintendo DS-360 Piñata link-up, plus much more

Microsoft-owned British outfit Rare are still renowned throughout the Industry for previously being under Nintendo's wing and working on prolific games such as Donkey Kong Country on the Super Nintendo and GoldenEye 007 on the Nintendo 64. Now, though, the Twycross-based team is busy creating new franchises for Microsoft, with one of them, Viva Piñata, now being translated from the Xbox 360 to Nintendo DS.

Whilst the game has in fact been completed since as far back as October 2007, it is only now that the full PR machine's cogs have begun to grind considerably and publisher THQ has been banding the development guys off to all and sundry in an effort to ensure Viva Piñata: Pocket Paradise is not only able to achieve more sales success than the lacklustre performance of the Xbox 360 original, but prove to be equally as popular as Rare's previous Nintendo DS title, Diddy Kong Racing DS, the upgrade of the Nintendo 64 classic.

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niall773839d ago

no if only HaloDS actually got released.....

Milky3839d ago

Microsoft would have supported it greatly, not just 'allow' it. It is an obvious scheme to try and drag in the millions and millions of DS owners to buy a 360 for the 'bigger and better' version.

Iceman100x3838d ago

Why don't they just go ahead and release golden eye, and everything else that was better on nintendo since they are making ds games that were originally on the 360 anyway.