Xbox One Standalone Kinect Sensor Available in October

Since we announced the availability of a new Xbox One console option for $399, we have been excited by the response from fans. While we’ve seen our Xbox One sales double since the new Xbox One option became available, we have also seen increased demand for Xbox One with Kinect.

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Mikelarry1424d ago (Edited 1424d ago )

$150 keep it,not sure if they want to sell these. again why bundling a game and charging 149 drop the game and charge 100 or less.

rdgneoz31424d ago

Seeing as the PC version of kinect v2 is going for $200, I was guessing that or $150. At $350, they would have sold a lot more systems.

uptownsoul1424d ago

Kinect is pretty much over…If people didn't want to buy the Xbox One w/Kinect at $499…I don't see how they'll be okay paying $549 for the same hardware

batman21x1424d ago (Edited 1424d ago )

They want the bundle to be a better deal and they also have to pay for shelf space for the kinect to be stores so they can't sell it for a $100

Wikkid6661424d ago

Nothing new here. They did the same exact pricing with the 360 and the standalone Kinect1.

LackTrue4K1424d ago

Kinect's is dead!!! All them cool/nice a55 custom theme Xbox's One bundles....none comes with Kinects.....where do you think there going with it???

colonel1791424d ago

People who buy an Xbox One without Kinect, it very likely that they don't want it in the first place. They priced Kinect at $150 to "force" people who are on the fence about which SKU to buy, to get the one with Kinect included.

lfc_4eva1424d ago

Force is a bit strong.

More like encourage people to buy the full package.
Sony would do the exact same thing.

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Godz Kastro1424d ago

Cool, for all those lonely xbox ones out there! I got my baby back, bay back, baby back!

gamerfan09091424d ago

It'll probably sell well outside of gaming like the first kinect did. Some of the stuff that people were using the first kinect to do was astounding. I've even seen people use it as a cheap motion capture device for animation. I think they should just promote outside of gaming and make it an all purpose device an play up its strengths accordingly. The device itself is great tech, but if devs don't want to develop for it and show off that tech then it's a paperweight.

SoapShoes1424d ago

Oh man such PR written all over it. It doubled because it was record lows before June and people were waiting for the new sku rather than buying it in May. July's numbers were back down to normal. I do wonder why anyone would buy this standalone for the X1 instead of just getting a bundle with the Kinect.

Nolando1424d ago

With my budget and the games I want when I pick it up this holiday season I will opt for the $399 package. Although this standalone unit might get a price cut or a sale later and I would love to pick it up to complete my XBO experience.

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The story is too old to be commented.