Why There's Never Been a Good Jurassic Park Game

IGN - I never felt like I was missing anything, and I still don't. And I think, perhaps a bit snootily, that that's because there's a divide – a kind of perceptual chasm – between what people think they remember Jurassic Park being about, and what it was, you know, actually about. And I also think that this is the reason that every Jurassic Park game I've ever played has been a disaster.

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poor_cus_of_games1488d ago

I thought that jurassic park genesis was a good game.

Software_Lover1488d ago

I agree. I really liked that game.

mafiahajeri1488d ago

The lost world one? That one was freaking epic, especially the raptor levels so good...

Mega241488d ago

Why There's a Why in every title this day.

user95970821488d ago

Because they're just ain't no dern news tuh-day, SON.


cannon88001488d ago

I know right? It's annoying because these are opinion pieces and yet they are presented as if they are facts. I know why they do it though. It's to get people's attention.

barb_wire1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

IDK, I thought the SNES was pretty decent, the FPS sections were nicely done if a little primitive (considering the hardware). There was a cool glitch in it (collecting the dinosaur eggs gave you extra lives - just move away slightly from the egg until it's on the edge of screen.. BAM, it reappears - collect the eggs until you have 99 lives) Just a damn shame you couldn't save your game, with breaks it took me about 8hrs to finish it. Ending was crap though.

Chard1488d ago

I remember vividly. They must have had really bad quality control to not allow a save function. I was certain I was missing something and there was some building that would allow me to save, but no. The game was good but I never finished it. I also remember watching the ending on youtube only to realise that it was literally the intro played in reverse!

godofboobees1488d ago

Lies! The light gun arcade game was fun

user95970821488d ago

Jurassic park 2 on snes and Operation genesis would like to have a word with you

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The story is too old to be commented.