Metro Redux Launch Screens Showcase Massive Visual Upgrades

The new screens show off just how much more detail and clarity Metro Redux sports over the original games, which both came out during the last generation of consoles. Improved lighting, textures, and colors can be seen in each screen, offering a great look at what to expect if you decide to take another spin with Artyom in the desolate wastelands of Europe.

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HAMM3RofBUDDHA1483d ago

They really do look great. Will be picking this up for my first run through both games. Glad I waited.

JsonHenry1483d ago

I really feel like there is no reason to buy a game when it is first released anymore. The remastered/upgraded/enhanced/u ltimate edition is always just around the corner to slap early adopters in the face.

However, those screens do look pretty good. But I can't see myself playing through them bot again just because of a visual upgrade.

DoomeDx1483d ago (Edited 1483d ago )

Metro 2033 is like 3 years old. If you consider a purchase of 3 years ago a slap in the face you must be in a very tight financial situation. Then you shouldnt be playing games at all

JsonHenry1483d ago

Yeah, I'm so poor I played them both in stereoscopic 3D on my beast of a home built gaming PC. /Sarcasm

On topic- I wasn't referring specifically to just these two games either. There are a ton of games that within 12 months get remakes/ehanced editions/versions with on disc DLC already unlocked blah, blah, blah.

Why you so mad bro?

Mr Tretton1483d ago

"There are a ton of games that within 12 months"

You mean like 2, not a ton.

JsonHenry1482d ago

No, there are a lot. You're just being facetious or your reading comprehension scores are extremely low. I didn't say the last 12 months specifically. Just look at the Witcher games. Within a year the "enhanced" edition is released. Yes its free but all of a sudden the game is playable as the devs really wanted it to be at launch but you've already beat a game with little replay value. Or look at other games that basically are demos like the last Battlefield game. It had so many problems but all the early adopters had to deal with it. By the time the deals on Origin for discounted game+season pass come around the early adopters were shafted yet again. It happens ALL the time.

martinezjesus19931483d ago

They have been around for a years, they are called GOTY editions, its just that its getting more attention because they are getting ported to "Next Gen"

Aleithian1483d ago

Am I the only one who can't see the cross-buy version on the PS store?

Oschino19071483d ago

Cross-buy version?

All I know for sure is they only come together on disc with digital requiring seperate purchases. If that's what you meant.

I went with the disc version, so they are always together and able to be loaned out to others I know easily.

Aleithian1483d ago

This says Metro Redux is supposed to be Cross-Buy, regularly $49.99: http://www.playstationlifes...

Toiletsteak1483d ago

Can't wait to play these i have never played them before and i got them for £25 which is awesome.

471482d ago

Snagged the bundle through Xbox Live and am playing through 2033 for the first time currently. Amazing game so far. I don't know if the game was considered good looking originally but this remaster is gorgeous. No idea how I missed out on these games originally, but I'm glad I got em now