Forza Horizon 2 Demo and Xbox One Achievements Announced

IGN - A Forza Horizon 2 demo will be available for all Xbox One owners to download from September 16, Microsoft has announced.

The company confirmed the demo will be coming two weeks ahead of the game's full release on September 30, and also unleashed the full achievement list for the Xbox One edition for the game.

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nicksetzer11366d ago

sweet, I already preordered, but glad I will get to play the game even earlier than planned, followed by the full game a few weeks later.

4Sh0w1366d ago (Edited 1366d ago )

Cool I didnt preorder but Im going to get it digital. Glad I can get a small taste 2 weeks early. Also checkout the gameplay vid on ign, looks sweet.

TXIDarkAvenger1366d ago

Was hoping to see how this game is on 360. Guess I'll wait until it comes out.

gamerfan09091366d ago

They've already basically said the game will be a stripped down version of the XB1 version without the weather effects.

tlougotg1366d ago

Good for Xbone fans youll have a nice racer demo to tied you over until its release. Im interested in Forza Horizon, as well as DRive Club.

Fasttrack761366d ago

Looking forward to this, loved the 1st one and think this will be a lot better. Going to say now, i will 1000g this game.

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The story is too old to be commented.