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xHeavYx1364d ago (Edited 1364d ago )

Man, normally they have better games, this month is not really good

PinkEye1364d ago

Worst month possibly since EVER. And most people who wanted Playstation All-Stars got it already since they had a ridiculous sale for it like 2 weeks ago (I believe it was $5). Why do these massive sales when it'll be free in a few days?

I feel ripped off. I just bought it because of Sony's sale. A sale that required I be a ps plus member to get maximum savings. But if PS Plus members get it free later anyway, I feel like an idiot for taking the bait.

Paprika1364d ago

Stick to the sales... I'm in the same boat. Plus sucks lately, all your year mostly....

_FantasmA_1364d ago

Thats why I never buy games on sale, they often come to Plus later. And besides, are you really seriously crying about $5?? I paid full price for All Stars and it was worth it. You got it for the same amount of tax that I paid so be grateful.

ThatOneGuyThere1364d ago

im super happy this month. lots of vita love!

bouzebbal1364d ago

i think it's some good games this month as well..
Battle Royale is a great deal for those who doubted it.

G20WLY1364d ago (Edited 1364d ago )

I feel a bit like they're not really trying. Maybe due to the success they're seeing with PS4 sales, they don't feel the pressure to wow us every month?

We know they pulled some stuff out of Gamescom at the last minute and stored it up for a future reveal; perhaps they're doing the same with Plus deals they've already sorted?

It does kinda make sense to use your ammo as you need it, even if we would rather see them blow the whole lot now for our gluttonous gaming appetites! ;^P

NewMonday1364d ago

Great month for me, was going to buy VelocityX2 and always wanted to try Joe Danger

thorstein1364d ago

Destiny and NHL 15 are both coming out this month and they are both must buys for me, so, in this case this isn't a problem. I will probably check out velocity.

yoshiroaka1364d ago

Good month for me! I wanted Velocity and always wanted to try Joe danger.

Playstation plus is kinda like gambling. You just gotta put down $50 bucks and you have 12 chances to see if the roulette pulls up something you always wanted but never bought. You chances of being happy increase if you have more than one sony device ie. PS3, PSV, PS4.

Honestly bad months dont bother me because it only takes 1 good one to make up for the $50. Like when i subscribed and got uncharted vita AND gravity rush for free. At the time that was more than $50 already.

XisThatKid1364d ago


Exari1364d ago

it seems like im one of the few who love this month's games. Ive always wanted to buy ps all star and velocity 2x. also ive been looking for fun games to play with my siblings and this month is the answer,
both ps all star and hoard are 1-4 player online/offline. sportsfriends could be fun when played with a friend too

mmcglasson1363d ago

Well at least you bought it on sale... That means if your PS+ account runs out. You can still play it without being a subscriber.

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sobotz1364d ago

Totally agree. Velocity X2 is okay, but the rest are meh..

andibandit1364d ago (Edited 1364d ago )

I felt otherwise: Sportsfriends looked kinda fun.

Velocity X2, looks like I need 7 cups of espresso before even attempting to play it.

FriedGoat1364d ago

Sportfriends is hilarious, a great party game (if you have any real friends) if your playing alone then its useless.

Shame I already bought it for £10 not that long ago.

ThunderPulse1364d ago

All of it is garbage in my opinion.

xilx1364d ago

I really enjoyed the first velocity, and if the second is just more of the same, it'll be worthwhile. Highly recommend playing it on a vita for those that have one, touchscreen is definitely the way to go.

Not really feeling the rest of the games outside of PS All Stars. I have Hoard and Joe Danger already, not sure what to expect from the other 2.

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Death1364d ago

It seems Sony is moving towards PSNow and away from Plus more and more. Now that Plus is required on PS4 to play online, the incentive to offer value to get subscriptions is gone. Why compete with PSNow with "free" games if they don't have to? I believe this is why they refused to allow EA Access on their network. Sony needs to get a return on their Gaikai investment.

DevilishSix1364d ago (Edited 1364d ago )

You may have something there. Seems to me MS has offered more and better free games on X1 over the last couple months. The defining factor maybe that Sony has PSNow rollout and MS does not have something like that right now.

fonger081364d ago

Interesting observation... I would really hate for that to be true though.

r2oB1364d ago

PS Plus and PSNow are two completely different services with two different targeted demographics. PSNow is targeted towards people that do not own a specific console, it allows people to play the games without owning the console. PS Plus is targeted towards gamers that own, preferably (but not exclusively) all Sony consoles since you get the most value by owning all 3 current consoles.

Obviously Sony would prefer consumers to buy the PS3 and buy games, since that would help increase the install base and potentially increase revenue by a greater margin. But they know that everyone is not going to buy a PS3, so PSNow is a great way for those consumers to play PS3 games via other devices, while Sony still receives some type of revenue from them. It's a win-win for those targeted customers and Sony.

Death1364d ago

PS+ targeted PS3 owners to bring in additional revenue for Sony. They had commited to "free" online with the PS3 and wanted to get the subscription revenue Microsoft was getting with Live. They couldn't simply start charging for what they gave away so they created PS+ and essentially rented out select games for an annual subscription. With the PS4 they never promised free online gaming so it was easy to make a PS+ sub requirment without looking bad.

One of the benefits to Plus is the little revenue publishers received from it was still more than they received when games are resold which is nothing. PSNow will be accessable on PS4, PS3, Vita and PlaystationTV. By streaming games as a rental, ownership isn't possible. One of the big reasons to make game streaming easy is to remove used games sales from the equation. Instead of buying a game from Gamestop for $10, streaming is easier so they are hoping to retain some of the lost sales.

The other big benefit for Sony is they won't have to take the hit on hardware if streaming indeed becomes the future way we play games. Game ownership and dedicated hardware which is very costly are things Sony is phasing out with their plans if you step back and look. They built the worlds most powerful console, but everything else they are doing supports a completely different path.

Look back at the reveal last year. How easy will it be to loan a game to a friend if you don't own it? Non-ownership is the ultimate DRM. People that say PSNow is a choice, how long do you think that will last if it is successful? Streaming fixes all problems caused with lost sales due to used game sales and software pirating.

This is the most aggressive attack on tradtional console gaming and game ownership we have seen and fans are cheering Sony on the entire way. It's interesting to see if you can be even a little objective.

wsoutlaw871364d ago

@death streaming is a rental service. I get that you feel some need to "own" things for what ever reason, but thats not what streeming is for right now. If i can stream a game for a week and beat it then it just saved me a ton of money. Why would i care if i never owned it. I get games to play them and if now has it cheaper then good.

Also the point of now is not to replace how you play games. By next gen time, maybe, but psnow is for people who may only own a ps4 or even a smart phone or tv, and want to play some ps3 games. It has nothing to do with plus or used game sales. Now is a steaming rental service, so im not sure why everyone wants to compare it with sonething when there really isnt anything out there like it.

G_V_Black1364d ago

"Now that Plus is required on PS4 to play online, the incentive to offer value to get subscriptions is gone."


Ashlen1364d ago

Yes, what you say is exactly true.

I agree completely.

trouble_bubble1364d ago (Edited 1364d ago )

You're telling me with a straight face that GWG has been better and/or offered more the past few months on xbone?!?!?! Lmfao! They didn't even OFFER any free xbone games until literally 2 months ago! Nothing all year. Notta since launch, and their first one was an old PS3 game from 2 years ago in Guacamelee. Come now

Brick and mortar rental stores are gone. Movies have been on demand for years, likewise music streaming. What attack on ownership? When I buy games I like physical copies. When I rent them, who the hell cares. It's a r-e-n-t-a-l.

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Back-to-Back1364d ago

Agreed this is a garbage month.

callahan091364d ago

I dunno man, I've always wanted to play PS All-Stars, but never bothered. I saw it for like 10 dollars once, but wasn't sure if I would like it enough to justify paying for it. Getting it free is my perfect chance to finally try a game I've had my doubts on but always wanted to give a try! Velocity 2x looks flipping *phenomenal* as well (the original was brilliant).

dcj05241364d ago

I've been wanting to play sports friends for a while and playstation all stars battle Royal so this month is great to me. Different strokes for different folks eh?

AceBlazer131364d ago

Can't even defend this one. This month is extremely lackluster, possibly the worst ever.

FamilyGuy1364d ago

I've been waiting for Velocity so it's okay with me and sports friends seems good for parties.

SilentNegotiator1364d ago

They at least had Fez this month.

Cra2yey31364d ago

Destiny comes out so this month isn't as bad as it seems.

blackblades1364d ago

Bought allstars when it was $5, which is nothing and at least I can say I own it. Got velocity with ps+ for vita, same for joe danger haven't beatem yet hell haven't played them much. TBH I don't really care what we get cause I buy the games I want and besides i'm still playing games from long time ago, like binary domain etc.. as well as haven't touched most of them like TR, dragondogma, hitman. Playing few games at a time, and theres no reason to bs bout the month sucking cause probably have lot of games you haven't yet. Might be like this for awhile unless they bring older and lower score games to ps+ but doubt cause people bs bout older sucking games.

FanboyKilla1364d ago

Maaaaaaaaannn! How is it getting worse? I thought time would make it better. I dont even play online on my ps4. Sooooo wtf am i paying for plus for? It needs to change its name, since its mandatory to play online. I dont see a plus to having it.

Sony done flipped the script. The games for plus sucks, because you need it to play online. Gotcha! Wow i feel a little used paying for something that was free, and inferior to the comp.

10 million sony? And you cant give us a game we actually want to play.

xHeavYx1364d ago

Nice trolling attempt, but you took it too far man

esemce1364d ago

Yep utter crap, Joe danger looks like the best of the bunch to me, sad.

SonyMontana1364d ago

Agreed, these are really just throw away games. Disappointing really.

360ICE1363d ago

I thought this month was a step up! First month in some time where I actually want three of the games.

TAURUS-5551363d ago

amazing line-up ¡¡¡

thank you sony

Magnus7011363d ago

Yeah those games are really meh

jznrpg1363d ago

TxK looks like an old school arcade game called Tempest. I haven't seen TxK so I'm glad it is free as I loved Tempest when I was 5-6 years old, and didn't know TxK existed. I agree this month is less desirable than others , but I het to try some games that I may have skipped otherwise. Looking at PD+ as a whole I think it is more than worth the money, and.months like these aren't as bad to some as people make it out to be, or should be expected for what the $ amount your paying for them .

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krontaar1364d ago

Pure shovelware. Thanks sony.

dcj05241364d ago

How is it shovel ware? These games look great.

TheFutureIsBlue1364d ago

Velocity isn't shovelware. That game looks freaking awesome!

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gamerfan09091364d ago

This year as a whole for PS+ has been awful. Last year and even earlier this year they were putting out decent games, but man the last 6 or so months have been dreadful. I've kept my PS3 for PS+, but if this is what's coming in the future I might as well sell it and put the money towards a PS4 in the future.