The Most Accurate Sims 4 Recreations So Far

Here are a bunch of the most creative and accurate Sims 4 creations so far.

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BiggerBoss1421d ago

The sim in the thumbnail looks like a mixture of Nigel Thornberry and IGN's Ryan Mcaffery

SilentNegotiator1421d ago

There's only one thing to say about the Nigel Thornberry one:


Psychotica1421d ago

Don't create Lindsay Lohan whatever you do...

bunt-custardly1421d ago

Not sure I would agree with "Most Accurate" to be honest but still some good stuff in there. I've seen much better over at the official Sims forums where there's a dedicated thread.

NiteX1421d ago

That some racist jazz right there!

SilentNegotiator1421d ago

The Seinfeld one was pretty good.