Dead Island 2 Beta access details

Neil writes "Dead Island 2 is set to be a hell a lot of fun and details with regards the beta have now surfaced."

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dazzrazz1425d ago

So they want you to buy a shitty spinoff game to play demo...

ocelot071425d ago

Ideally yes but you could always Pre order the title receve the code then cancel the pre order? I have did this a load of times over the years. I will never buy a game to access a beta.

Omnisonne1425d ago (Edited 1425d ago )

Devs should already be happy if people want to play/test the beta, since it basically helps the game to get better before launch. (as Bungie used the Destiny beta for testing servers)

Come to think of it, developers should rather give something to beta testers for helping the game instead of asking them to pay for it lol