Xbox 360 Predictions for E3 2008

This years E3 expo is July 15th and Microsoft is going to be having a big press briefing right before that and unveil all the cool things that they are working on for this fall.

"Newton" Motion Sensitive Flying Mouse Controller Unveiled
Chance at E3 : 95%
If they are going to start selling it this year they need to show it off and build a buzz soon enough. Likely games to use it: Banjo 3, Gears of War 2 and "Ninja Blade"

"Lips" Microphone Communicator Accessory Unveiled
Chance at E3 : 95%
I would not be surprised to see a handheld wireless microphone that could be used with Rockband, Guitar Hero On Tour and other singing games. I could see them making karaoke games for XBLA.

$30 Price Cut for Xbox 360 hardware
Chance at E3 : 95%
They have a newer cheaper motherboard hitting the market in September and Shane Kim said that Nintendo might not always have a price advantage over the Xbox 360. That means that we might see a price cut in the US that is at least 30 buck off the 30 line to push the Xbox 360 Arcade SKU to the Wii's price point......

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kurnlx3837d ago

A price-cut would be nice

morganfell3837d ago

MS tried to go cheap on their console once in the design and parts. One would think they would have learned their lesson. A cheap motherboard isn't the way to go.

pumpkinpunker3837d ago

Just that the cost of the motherboard they're using is going down. it happens with all technology. When a console launches a lot of the technology is cutting edge so it's expensive to mass produce. as the console ages that technology becomes less cutting edge and expensive so the price drops. it's why you can buy a ps2 for $129 now. it's still the same quality but the technology is just cheaper.

I never get how PS owners can preach about the 360's launch console problems. My PS2 bricked twice and everyone I knew had their ps2 brick on them at least once and had to buy another. It was a common problem with the PS2 that people just accepted. Did Sony offer to fix bricked PS2's free of charge like Microsoft does with the 360? No! Quit yer complaining.

GiantEnemyCrab3837d ago

and that comment got 5 agrees. WOW! You do understand that the shrinking of the die and motherboard are common in any console generation? It brings prices down and get this.. THEY PRODUCE LESS HEAT.

morganfell3836d ago

No you misunderstand that MS needs to concentrate on quality before they worry about shrinking the die. Yes it is technically better quality but why haven't they aren't pushing that angle. They haven't announced a fix for the previous design issues? Because they still want to pretend it didn't exist. Yes Falcon is out but they still won't say they have fixed the design issue on the vast majority of consoles. I know, my 360 has died 4 times.

Oh, on top of that we all know about your lack of objectivity. Have I ever defended MS or a 360 title on this board? You didn't look did you?

Fragking283835d ago

oh shut up you have no idea of what your talking about using the chip with the less power consumption = less heat is the way to go idiot. + if your console died four times you should try something radical like TURNING IT OFF and get a life ther'es no way your console dies 4 times unless it on like 8 hours a day.

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whoknew3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

There is also rumors about FFVII The Remake showing up at Microsofts E308, and FFXIIIVS being time exclusive to the 360.

Wildarmsjecht3837d ago

Not to mention, you'll be able to touch a naked woman outside of your mom's nightly baths. OOOOOOOHHHHH....snaps.

On topic: The controller, and the price cut are the most likely.

giovonni3837d ago

E3 is an exciting event, i HOPE THEY SHOW THAT Aliens game.

HeavyweightInTheGame3836d ago

I haven't heard those rumours about the FF games. Anyone have a link?

OOG3837d ago

Id like to see maybe some killer instinct.....the new perfect dark that is suppose to be a darker style game.....ummm that halo chronicles with peter jackson would be nice........and so on and so on

Clinton5143837d ago

But how compelling is that without more appealing software? My opinion.

GiantEnemyCrab3837d ago

It seems MS believe they have compelling software and some of the titles are but I agree they need to be throwing down the gauntlet on software. They say they have several "aces" up their sleeve so it will be interesting at E3.

I hope MS seeing MGS4 being such an exclusive PS3 critical success that it makes them hungry to get more of their own mega exclusives. Gears 2 is great but they need to go even bigger.

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