ESCAPE Dead Island release date and trailer, Dead Island 2 beta guarantee with pre-order

ESCAPE Dead Island details land, including release date trailer and beta news for Dead Island 2.

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vishmarx1454d ago (Edited 1454d ago )

is it just me or ,despite finding the first games terrible,
do these two titles actually look like there in somewhat better hands?

ot: nov 18th along with FC3 and Dragon age.
that just screams broken records./s

zielocz3k1454d ago

i liked the first Dead Islad, sure it wasn't emotional like the cinematic trailer, characters were fotgetable and animation was poor but it was fun co-op experience,

yeah DI2 looks much better, not sure about Escape Dead Island yet

Lou Ferrigno1454d ago (Edited 1454d ago )

i gotta agree with @zielocz3k here..
while the story was Meh and the graphics were pretty good.. the fun was in the Replay value.

Co-op was probably the most fun I've ever had with that game, putting in more than several hundred hours in it.

EDIT: after reading the article,while the game looks decent, it's only coming to Xbox 360/PS3/PC .. no thanks :( hope it is good though.

Godz Kastro1454d ago

You want me to pre-order? I want all dates up front. Ive preordered 2 games that were delayed including Dying Light. Give me firm dates otherwise... Forget about it!

gamerfan09091454d ago

I've lost all interest in this game when Yager said there's no ending to the game. Sorry I can't play a game where I can't 100 percent beat it. Also the way they describe the game it's basically once you get through the main stuff all that's left is the same side missions over and over again. Since the game never ends you have to do basically the same side mission with different characters to justify the game. Sounds like a mess to me.

Clown_Syndr0me1454d ago

First ive heard of ESCAPE and it looks aweful. Some games pull the style off well, Borderlands for example. But this looked poor and dated.
Games that look dated before theyre even out worry me.

Rock-Lee1454d ago

This is pretty stupid... You have to pre-order a last gen only title, in order to get access to a current-gen beta?

People who are willing to buy Dead Island have a PS4/X1, unless they still have their old gen around they can't play the beta. People who have a PS3/X360 can buy the game so they get access to the PS4/X1 game, which they might not even have..?

So this is ONLY interesting to people who own a PS3/X360 AND a PS4/X1. And the question is: the people that have both gens (I sold mine after I purchased my PS4) do they even WANT to play two Dead Island games?

Just give people who pre-order Dead Island 2 the beta test... They clearly want to play the game, since they even are willing to pre-order is.

It just makes little sense to get access to a current-gen beta, only by pre-ordering (not even buying you HAVE to pre-order) a last-gen game....

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