Gauntlet's Exclusive Pre-Order Item Revealed

In addition to the news of the release date, Warner Bros. also announced that as a thank you to all of the fans who pre-ordered Gauntlet, they will receive an exclusive in-game item. Known as the Spawn of Kerthull, those who pre-ordered the game will be able to use the exclusive Wizard’s robe to help take on their enemies as they fight through the game.

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HAMM3RofBUDDHA1490d ago

Doesn't the Wizard always need food?

Perjoss1490d ago

haha preorder bonuses, I hope people dont fall for this nonsense.

TRD4L1fe1490d ago

What if the people really want to play this game? What's wrong with them pre-ordering and getting an incentive for doing so

Perjoss1490d ago

It certainly looks like a good game, I'm really looking forward to playing it myself as I was a huge fan of the original arcade machine, but there is always a chance it could turn out to be a giant turd, always better to wait for review scores or a demo.

Games do not run out of stock, specially digitally distributed ones, and a small in game item is not going to change your enjoyment of the game at all. But you're free to do what you like of course!

andibandit1490d ago

I've played the old Gauntlet, and im really looking forward to this.

Slugfest3211490d ago

This looks disappointing just really boring caves and dungeons like most of theese type of games. i remember gauntlet legends and the really cool places and enemies they had.

DarkZane1490d ago

I think I will wait for console ports. This is the kind of games tailored to consoles, not PC.